In our previous posts, we shared how critical handling your mindset is, especially as we move into making the most of the opportunities in front of you this year. 

Let’s explore three opportunities that are available for you now. 


1. Move Your Bucket To Where The Water is Flowing 


A connection of mine has a great metaphor for client acquisition. They talk about putting your bucket underneath where the water is currently flowing. 

There are multiple opportunities in the marketplace; no matter what the media tells us.  

We need to take the buckets you are catching your jobs in with your existing clients before COVID and move that bucket and start collecting in different ways to attract ‘better’ clients; thideal clients who appreciate what you do for them as you serve by adding massive value. 

Here is an example: Rachel, one of our clientsemailed us recently and shared how she had ‘got into’ a client she had wanted to work with for over  14 yearsand this client was her ideal avatar too. 

Rachel had messaged them to connect and then through conversation and pivoting, she was able to run with an opportunity that appeared.  

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the pandemic has provided one of the biggest opportunities to get under the skin of your clients and become more than just a transactional, bumsonseats recruiter 

Now is a time to live up to the ‘consultancy’ title we all started with, and there is a huge opportunity out there to do this.  

So no matter what happens here in the economy, by following what we are sharing here you will have a plan dialled in that will consistently work; whether we are in recession or not, you have a system, you have a way to generate business. 

Systems give you back your freedom and control. 


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2. Increase Conversions In A Unique Way 

There is more talent in the market place than ever before, and there are companies out there right now who are using this as an opportunity to build their teams. 

From a business perspective, this is the best time ever to hire. 

Here is the thing  you could be responding to this as an opportunity to work with forward-thinking businesses who understand this opportunity in the marketplace as you work with them now as a true consultant. 

Now is the time to have a different relationship with your client, which means having a conversation that helps you as a recruiter and helps them as a client.  

The landscape has changed and so have our habits, especially around buying. 

Think about your consumer habits for a minute. What do you buy, and how do you buy it now; notice how that has changed in the last five months.  

For example, how many people have been into retail shops in 2020? 

Ecommerce is off the scale; people don’t want to go into shops at the moment. This buying pattern is happening across all sectors. Businesses are being forced to look at how they deliver their products and their services right now. 

Everyone is adapting and pivoting, which means that there is demand for new skills.  

For example, your clients will be thinking, is my current team fit for purpose now; what new skills and workforce do I need to deliver my business’s outputs? 

The thing is that you can help them to solve that problem. You can help them look at the skill shortages they now have in their team, look at the competencies they require for that new delivery piece, and achieve that. So there is a massive, massive opportunity, and that is an opportunity. 


3. Time To Change Your Delivery Model 

Here is a huge opportunity to change the delivery model in your recruiting team. For years we have been explaining to our clients that the 360 model is outdated; you can read a post I wrote about it here. 

Now is the time to change the structure of your team Because if you do not change your team’s design and move away from 360 recruiting, you will struggle this year. 

From now on, you’ve got to have the right people doing the right jobs, working to their strengths.  

Why? Logically we need to have hunters in our team who knock down doors supported by others who help generate leads and those who resource the right talent for clients. 

Let’s use an analogy of paying someone a £1000. We would want them performing for that £1000, so they could run as far as possible. 

We would make sure they had the right food, gear and training, so they delivered. 

And so we want those guys to be running and doing what they are best at for as long and as much time as possible.  

We don’t want them resourcing candidates. We don’t want them potentially even delivering on those jobs because that’s not necessarily the best use of their time.  


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We’re going to talk about how to structure this because you might have people who are winning the business and delivering it, but there are certain things that they will be doing right now that they really shouldn’t be doing because it takes them away from their core strength. 

We are so far behind in our industry! 

It’s like assuming when we buy a car that the salesperson takes our order the minute they go out of the showroom and start building your car. 

I know this sound crazy, and yet this is what a 360 recruiter does. 

When you change your team’s structure, you will be blown away by the results you can get; we have clients who have 5 timed their revenues. 

Next time we will explain how this could work for you and your team. 


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