In our last post I shared the three huge opportunities there are currently for recruiters across the globe when it comes to generating growth in the current Covid landscape. 

Combine these with a number of profit accelerators I share today, and you will be in a position where your business explodes as you work less. 

I will go into some of these accelerators in more depth later. 

  • Laser-targeting 
  • Contextualise your message 
  • Get your targeting on point 
  • Fix your follow up 
  • Become a category King 
  • Package your promise 

You are now aware of the different profit areas to reallocate your team’s focus as they take the baton from you. 

So what next? 

As a starter who’s doing what and who’s responsible for different output in your teams? Once you work through this, you can develop your perfect system. 

It would be best if you had certain processes to make sure that you can deliver excellent service to clients and candidates.  


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Laser Targeting 

Let’s start with laser targeting. You might have noticed that you are now taking on any job that you can get your hands on.  

Maybe you were mainly a perm recruiter, and now you are suddenly looking to set up a temp division, or perhaps you’ve decided that your market is dead.  

Even though you’ve worked in that market for 10, 15 years, you have decided that you will jump into a new niche. 

A Warning Shot From a Clients Uncomfortable Experience 

Let me tell you a story about where we have seen this happen. 

One of our clients worked in the travel industry, and they panicked because this sector was properly shut off at the start of 2020. 

They panicked and set up in a different industry which they know NOTHING about.  

Next thing they were working three jobs. All high level and on the face of it, good quality jobs, but completely out of their niche and experience 

Three weeks later, they’d lost three weeks with no candidates to be seen; why? 
Because they didn’t have a pool of these candidates and were starting from scratch. 

Then disaster. Less than a month later, another recruiter came in and placed all three roles.  

Though she hadn’t got exclusivity or retained, which will talk about in another post, the failure here was about something else. 

She had seen a niche and thought ‘great, that’s a good job!’ 

However, she knew nothing about it.  

And so she’d pretty much lost three weeks of her life versus another of our clients who got crystal clear on who their target clients were, and how to get clients, who were still growing and had money to invest. 

They got clear on who those guys were and who they needed to target in these companies and organisations. 

The client I am talking about here strategically created a process to approach these people and then got them into conversation.  

Fast forward, four weeks later, they secured a retained assignment for £25,000, and they are now working with the right clients in the right niche. 

It is amazing what can happen when we apply laser focus and targeting.  

Next time we will take this one stage further and look at the power of creating a message that lands in such a way with your client they can’t help but say yes to working with you. 


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