If you hit Google and search on the word wealth, you will find many definitions and not only references to money either. 

Dictionary.com talks about an abundance of valuable possessions, which is interestingly followed by well being and a plentiful supply of a, particularly desirable thing. 

I wanted to start by pre framing this post to direct your focus on the fact that wealth means different things to different people. 

For some it’s cash in the bank, for others it’s the freedom to be able to do what they want when they want, and for others, it’s about enjoying what they do. 

So today I want to share how I came across this concept and how powerful it will be for you and your growth as you develop your own special team W! 


Why a Wealth Team? 

I first came across this term many years ago when I moved from being a recruitment director to starting my own coaching business. A mentor at the time (more on that later) introduced the concept that I was not going to get very far on my own! 

She shared the fact that I needed to surround myself with people that would not only deliver for me as part of my team but also who were in alignment with my values and would ‘lift’ me up as I travelled along the journey. 

So, in no particular order of importance here are the various parts of my wealth team. You will notice a pattern here, and for some of you, it might be that the elements I mention aren’t for you.  

However, my idea in writing this post is that they stimulate ideas for you to consider. 

Remember this is my team, not yours and it’s important to consider what will support you best. 

Ok, let’s get going. 

My Family 

My family are the fundamental elements of my ‘why’. Therefore it’s natural that they are part of my team.  

A Loving partner and crazy kids and their antics give me the loving support AND lightness I some times need. 

It’s such a great feeling to know you are being cheered on daily by this very special section of my wealth team.  

Home Support  

In a previous post, I shared how one director I worked with even did the office cleaning at the end of the week before she started on her domestic cleaning chores! 

This is not the best use of your time. I have a cleaner, gardener, ironing fairy and someone to clean the cars too and I haven’t picked a paintbrush up in years. 

Remember your inner world is a reflection of your outer world AND vice versa too; a tidenvironment is critical for your well being. 

You will have seen me on various videos in my office which is uncluttered and super tidy. 

This gives me the best opportunity to do the ‘work’ I was put here to do. Someone else makes sure it’s spick and span. 

Can I cook and clean? Of course, I can; it’s just not the best use of my time. 

Other members of Rockit also have online deliveries of everything from clothes to preprepared meals as part of their home support section of their wealth team. 

What about you? 

Personal Trainer 

If I want to perform at a peak as much as possible, it’s critical that I am looking after my mind and body. 

As a retired international rugby player, I know the benefits it brings to me to exercise my body and importantly the spinoff benefits to my overall mental estate too. 

There are countless benefits to working out with a personal trainer.  A personal trainer will help create a unique workout plan to fit your individual needs and goals and can accommodate an injury or another obstacle that might otherwise prevent you from exercising. 

Katy Green 

I first met Katy Green many years ago when I delivered training for her recruitment company. There was a connection between us that we recognized about doing ‘great work’ for the clients we served. 

A few years later the stars aligned and we started working together. 

Though many people might say having a business partner isn’t a great idea; this isn’t my point of view. It’s amazing to have a fellow teammate in the trenches who can be strong if you are having a bad day and vice versa. 

When two people are aligned and work together in this way, the magic really can happen.  

My Financial Team 

As a business, we make money by providing value. 

Logically the more value we provide, the more money we have. So what do we do with our money, so we have more than enough to run our life, pay the necessary taxes; and no more! And then have something over to tithe and then invest? 

A financial team will help with all of this and logically give you sound advice on the most tax efficient ways of holding onto your profits. 

[Please note I am not giving financial advice here, what I am saying is a good accountant, tax advisor, and financial advisor should be critical members of your team; especially as you start to scale and Rockit your business ????] 

My Marketing and Back Office Team 

Katy and I are the sales ninjas in our company. However, we could not do what we do without the support of our marketing and back office team around us.  

In my experience, it’s impossible to find a marketing team to do everything well unless you are working with a London agency with a corresponding price tag.  

The other downside of going down this route is they are also used to working with corporates rather SME businesses, and their ideas are aligned to companies who can spend literally millions on a brand awareness campaign, rather than a few thousand on an email marketing campaign for clients. 

In my case, we have someone that manages our paid advertising and someone else that creates content, alongside our back-office team who make sure everything runs smoothly and ensures Katy and I turn up on time to the right place! 

My Mentor and Coach 

The times I have struggled in business is when I didn’t have a coach or mentor. 

I have never feared hard work or hitting the phones and driving forward. However, it’s far to easy to be ringing the ‘wrong’ number or running at full speed in the wrong direction. 

I suspect that has happened to you too…? 

had shared many times before how I found my first coach when I was a recruitment director and how the profits in my business soared. 

It’s the same now.  

This is a critical position in my wealth team because my mentor helps me to handle my own mindset shifts (yes, I have challenges too) as well as how to scale and grow my business elegantly without driving myself into the ground! 

A friend of mine always says that with a new level comes a different devil to master….! 

Useful? Ready to create your team? 

So, who is in your current team and whom are you missing? 

Warm regards,  


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