“Well if they just did everything exactly how I told them Nicky I wouldn’t have to be on their back all the B**((!! time; would I?”

Umh I wish I had a fiver for everytime I had heard that ‘reason /justification’, for micro managing, I would never have to buy a bottle of Merlot ever again.

Micromanagement? A common practise amongst new billing managers and unfortunately some old ones too.

Most people are familiar with the term, just in case you want some clarity.

By definition, micromanagement is;

A management style where a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates or employees. Micromanagement generally has a negative connotation.



The problem is this style of management is ‘old school’ and in today’s business world will result in an exodus of potentially good employees throughout your organisation.

The facts are micromanaging might seem ok on the surface however it’s not the most productive way of doing things. And that’s just one of the issues with this style of managing.

Research the root cause of micromanagement (I have) and you will find that micromanagers are anxious about their job and their responsibilities.

This, combined with the push towards more flexible work environments, is making micromanaging a potential issue for recruitment companies.

Think about it? Many companies are rapidly expanding with top billers suddenly being given managerial responsibilities without any support or guidance.

In my experience over the last 18 years managers that go micro have a need for control which stems from their anxious leadership tendencies normally stemming from a lack of capability and knowledge.

Still considering this as your preferred management style? Think again and here are a few reasons why.


Loss of trust

Intense management like this will lead to a huge breakdown of trust. Your team will no longer see you as their manager instead you will be the Scrooge of the organisation who is all about, work, work, work.



This act destroys what little trust already exists between recruiter and manager.

When trust gets worn away a number of things can happen:

  • A serious loss of productivity
  • Loss of employees.



Trust is a two-way street: Your staff must be able to trust you as much as you trust them. Micromanagement will always destroy trust.


Staff turnover

Being frank most of us don’t take well to being micromanaged. It happened to me once and it was one of the worst things I have ever experienced. Needless to say I left the organisation.
Most people will and do.

Not good for your organisation. Recruitment is costly, constant change destroys morale and momentum which is priceless when it comes to accelerating your agencies growth.


Focus on your management style and improve your skills. It really doesn’t have to be this way.


Burnout (everyone’s)



Here’s one simple reason that micromanagement is something you should avoid.

It’s downright draining.

Looking over so many shoulders every day will burn you out, fast. Eventually you’ll grow to hate what is happening, not good especially if it’s your own fledgling start up Recruitment Company.


Micromanagement is not only bad for your employees, but it can take a terrible toll on your physical and mental health. Take time to step back, breathe and realise that your team can handle its tasks without you constantly hovering over shoulders.


No initiative

Micromanagement creates a stagnant working environment. When you micromanage, your consultants begin to feel like they’re losing their autonomy. When this happens, they’ll slowly lose the desire to do anything except what Scrooge tells them to do.


No one will step outside the proverbial box or go the extra mile for a task. You hand those same people a certain level of autonomy and they will take pride in what they do and how they do it.


A lack of autonomy will squelch development in your employees. One of the key drivers behind your future growth.



Don’t do it!

It really is lethal and I have seen it pull back far too many organisations from fulfilling their true potential.

Instead take action, increase your capability, study, learn, and then take action on your new found knowledge and skills.

Better still get yourself on a development programme with other likeminded individuals who will help you grow and develop, then micromanaging can be banished from your life forever.


Warm regards




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