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Today I’d like to talk to you about the one thing most managers are rubbish at that will transform your results when you master it 

Most people will agree that managing people is one of the most difficult tasks in business. Yet there is one simple thing that can make all the difference – delegation.


The One Thing That Will Transform Your Results Delegation Centred Excellence 4


Too many managers are so caught up in “I can do it quicker myself” or “it’s not going to be done correctly” mode that they run themselves ragged trying to do everything. The thing with this is that not only are you working on activities that are low or zero return per hour activities which is not smart, but your team is left feeling micromanaged and by doing this YOU are really stifling the growth and success of your teams results.

One of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world is Sir Richard Branson. He’s known for his unusual approach to business that typically breaks all the rules of conventional business. Branson believes firmly in teamwork and delegation. To the degree that in every new project his primary mission is to make himself redundant so that the project can be successful without him. He delegates, encourages people to step up, come forward with their ideas and take on responsibility.

You wouldn’t see Richard Branson out shopping for the office coffee or invoicing or spending all his time making sales…   He finds people that are capable, gives them the tools to be successful and empowers them to take over as soon as possible.


The value of your time


Sir Richard Branson recognises that his time is valuable and that he doesn’t need to be actively involved in every affiliated project. When he is involved he spends his time identifying people who have the ability to take charge and lead projects on their own. His focus on delegation is one of the reasons he has so many different successful enterprises.


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We can all learn from this no matter how big or small our business is. We need to identify other people who can be trained up to take on certain responsibilities. Similarly we need to know what the most valuable tasks are to spend our time on. Sometimes it is worth hiring someone to help with your admin because it will enable you to spend your time on tasks that will bring in the business or develop the team. The additional cost of hiring someone seldom becomes an issue in the light of the additional revenue you are able to generate.


Unexpected benefits of delegation

What most managers don’t realise is that when you delegate tasks, you’re up skilling and developing leaders. You are encouraging them to take on responsibility and trusting them to complete what’s been assigned to them.


The One Thing That Will Transform Your Results Delegation Centred Excellence 2



“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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To people who are serious about developing their careers this can be a huge motivator, making them work harder which in turn helps to grow your business. Trust your team enough to delegate to them and focus on valuable tasks. Remember though that Delegation is Investing others with the responsibility for accomplishing a task or project and giving them the authority to get the job done while retaining accountability oneself.  So when delegating there are a few steps to consider:


  • Decide on the task you want to delegate
  • Select the right person to delegate the task to
  • Put the task into context – WHY is it important and outline what the outcome needs to be.
  • Make it clear why you have chosen that individual to delegate to. Ask their View
  • Agree a plan with them – Coach their ideas through so that a plan becomes clear making it workable and logical
  • Agree measurements
  • Given them the authority that they need to complete the task
  • set times to review progress and update – don’t set these too long

Delegation has the power to really transform your results when you master it and help you create a top billing team with top billing results.

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I look forward to seeing you next time!