Over the last few posts we have been discussing how to grow your recruitment business the easy way! Yes, it really is possible.

We have covered a number of profit pillars that give quick results; we go into this in more detail at our next event too.

Today I want to talk about something else that many recruitment organisations don’t appreciate can accelerate their results.

It’s knowing, in depth, everything they can about their ideal customer.


My own story

My own business journey is an ideal example of ‘knowing my customer’. Over the last 8 + years I have built my coaching and business building organisation at an accelerated rate.

How?….. because I know my customer………really well.



As an ex-recruitment business owner, I know exactly what the challenges of my market are and consequently what is needed.

I wouldn’t ever say sales is a breeze however I know exactly how to position my offerings to the people that want it most.

Imagine if you could do this too?

Do you think it would make sales and marketing easier for you?  I can answer that. ….YES.


Where do you start?

…. By drilling down into the detail.

First, do your own Business X-ray and find out what you deliver best and to whom. A review of your past clients and placements might surprise you; often it’s not who you might think.

Then start to build this into the description of your ideal customer. The more you know about them the easier your sales and marketing will become.

Here are some things to consider.


Are they male or female?

No discrimination intended and to state the obvious, we are different! Especially our motivational drivers, no matter what you might think.

Yes, there are exceptions however men and women are ‘wired’ differently and make their buying decisions through different filters.


Their age

I always smile when people tell me the age group of their ideal client is 21-65. The conversation between these two groups would be very different, wouldn’t it?



Let’s drill deeper into this.

In fact, there is a marked difference between what a 35-year-old male HR director might want and what a 55-year-old HR guy might view as important.

“Does it really matter Nicky?” …. yes, it does.

Because the marketing strategies and sales process with these two individuals will be different. Especially their buying criteria and what is important to them.

Let’s think about how this can play out using advertising as an example of how you might promote what you have to offer.

Online business networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have advanced advertising platforms.

Did you know you could advertise to men in the 45-55 age range in manufacturing companies as a specific group? I know its amazing isn’t it. This has only become possible over the last few years.

Craft the message that speaks to their problems and your authority and profile will skyrocket.


Where do they live?

Important? Really? Yes, it can be. The demographics we have mentioned give multiple clues to what your ideal customer might find important. If they have a certain ‘lifestyle’ this too alters their buying decisions.


Where do they hang out, on and offline ?

If you want to engage with potential new clients you will need to hang out where they are. If they are more old school and frequent high-level networking events then knowing this level of information, at depth is vital.



Make sure you know the detail though. I was talking to one recruitment business owner the other day. She mentioned that she was going to join her local B.N.I.
All seemed plausible till I asked her what the company size was of the organisations who attended. The business owner in question soon realised they would not be her target market and though in theory it was a ‘cheap’ marketing strategy it wasn’t going to deliver the level of leads her team needed.

This is powerful information.

Marketing is about making your brand stand out to the people that matter; the potential clients for whom your message will land.

Ready to go moving on this ?

We are going into this important strategy in depth on April 26th. You can find out more here.


Warm regards




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