As a recruitment business owner you may have some consultants that appear to ‘Know it All’ but they just don’t deliver. Perhaps they have lost their confidence. They are stuck and need help. There is a really powerful technique called the ‘star system’ that I share in recruitment business owner training for getting through to these types of under performers.  Understand that developing skills is not going to help. You have got to work with them on a higher level – one that addresses beliefs, values and purpose.



“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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Before you start there are few things you need to do:

  1. Establish a rapport with them. Get them to want to work with you.
  2. Ask: “Think of an area of work where you would like to see different results.”
  3. Ask: “What specifically would you like to happen?”
  4. Make sure the goal is specific and positively framed.
  5. Ask: “What is their current reality in relation to their goal.

Once you have gotten these things defined you draw up the star using two inverted triangles like this:


Starting at the top you work around the star in a clockwise direction following the blue arrows.  The first part of the exercise is to start with the current set of results (even though those are the results that they don’t want). If their current reality is that they have no ‘A’ jobs then you look at what actions and behaviours are they taking that is giving them no ‘A’ jobs. What are they doing or not doing that may be resulting in no ‘A’ jobs? For example, they might say something like:

“Quite often I start a task but don’t finish it.” Or “I take a quick 2 minute job spec so that I can get working on the role immediately…”

Next, look at skills. What skills do they feel they are lacking or need to work on to get more ‘A’ jobs? Do they know how to cold call, get leads and get jobs?  The third step you look at is environment. What is happening around them while they are working? How do they organize themselves? Are they being distracted by noise or checking email or ringing phones?



“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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Beliefs have a big impact. What are their beliefs about their current situation? If they’re not getting ‘A’ jobs, what beliefs are holding them back?  Maybe they don’t believe in what they are selling, or they don’t believe people want it, or it’s rude to ask someone you don’t know. Keep probing and find out what beliefs might be holding them back.

Next step, The Rules. What rules do they have in place that’s giving them their current set of results?  Maybe they think that everything has to be perfect before they can make a call or your need to have a perfect pitch before you call a client.  Find out what personal rules they have that is affecting their current situation.

The last step is to get them to describe themselves. Who are they being that is giving them their current set of results? They may say they are being a bit apprehensive or an unconfident me.

Once you have written all of this down it is time to flip the coin. Look at the goal, the outcome of what they want to achieve.   For example, to find ‘A’ jobs and start with “Who do they need to be to find great A jobs?”. It can be just a description of who they need to become or it could be an actual person that they look up to – a top performer. Working anticlockwise go through the same headings again. What rules would that person have that gives them A jobs? What beliefs would that person have that gives them A jobs? What would the environment need to be to get them A jobs? What skills would they need and what actions and behaviours would need to be in place to get A jobs?.

As you work through this it starts to create the connection between the goal and the values, beliefs and actions that need to be in place in to achieve them.  Bringing them into alignment and creating more options for them.

There you have it, a very quick and effective coaching tool that helps recruiters to break through any challenge they may have.  I hope you found this article useful.

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