Most recruiters that read this blog are looking for recruitment training tips and advice. However recently I have been quizzed on some of my favourite ‘other’ tools that enable me to be productive and achieve what I do.

The reality is it isn’t rocket science a few simple yet effective tools are all we need. Here is a small selection of my favourites.

Amazon and Kindle Books!


I am an avid leaner in case you didn’t realise! I travel a lot and utilise that time to keep up to date with my field of expertise. On average I buy or download a few books a week.

There are many quotations about knowledge. The basis is that if we are not growing we are retracting. Brian Tracey made a comment once about how easy it is to become an expert in your chosen field by simply reading and applying your learnings daily.


Malcolm Gladwell took this further with his book Outliers. His research demonstrated that spending time mastering our craft would propel us into expert status within a matter of a few short years. If you aren’t sure what to read, send an email and I will tell you where to start.

Hint; ask for recommendations and filter Amazon for the best sellers. Knowledge really is power. Here is the thing to remember, few recruiters focus on their learning like this. That means that you will already be ahead of the pack.


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I know I know! And the Apple platform forms a key part in my productivity. I run all my technology on this platform. My entire system is Apple based from my desktop to laptop, ipad and iphone.

My experience over the past few years has taught me that the less friction I have in my life the better I perform in every area. Friction slows everything down, whatever you can do to minimise it is worth investing in.

As a general rule of thumb Apple has far few glitches and meltdowns. There is nothing worse than being about to run a global webinar with 300 people registered when you PC breaks down! I know this happened to me more than once with my old PC system.



This is a really cool app for making phone calls and sending texts. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and it’s free. Similar to What’s App in its functionality I personally find it much easier to make voice calls with Viber. Which in both recruitment and training is where the magic really happens, isn’t it?



A great note taking tool that can double as a repository for everything you want to keep tabs on. Its cloud based and can be used on any device you have, PC or mac. Evernote enables you to save and store anything that relates to either your business or personal life.

It’s free by the way. You can record information, tasks, recordings, PDF’s you name it. Imagine you are at your desk and you see something you want to share with a client. Save it and it will sync across all your devices. How impressive it looks when you can share the same information with the said client as you sit across from them on your ipad or smart phone.



With 300 million worldwide users it has certainly claimed its place in the market. It even allows you to purchase a skype number anywhere in the world and add it to your website. Useful if you are a global recruiter based in Basingstoke! I literally have training clients all over the world. As part of the programmes I run clients get one to one time with me face to face and by phone. Skype is how I make this happen.

Email Auto responders-Marketing Automation

As you are reading this you might have been alerted to the fact that a new blog post was live through an email I sent. Or you signed up for a webinar I ran and I have been sending you information about areas you might be interested in.

For any business to run efficiently and grow you will need a marketing funnel. Once you know what your market wants from you finding the most efficient way to deliver this is imperative. That way when your clients or candidates reach different parts of the buying cycle and are ready to buy you are still front of mind.



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There are many different types of software that you can to facilitate this; many are recruitment specific. Alternatively you can use different email systems like mailchimp or Aweber. This is exactly what I used before I moved onto a more sophisticated system called Infusionsoft as my business scaled; they work. Start with where you are, with what you have got and build from there.

What about you? What couldn’t you live without?


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