One of the questions I am often asked when I run recruitment manager training is how to achieve good time management? The truth is, it’s impossible to manage time, however you can manage you and what you do with your time!

As a recruitment manager you not only have the responsibility of a team, you also have your own billing targets to meet. This means that if you are not careful you can end up spending 80% of your time on tasks that aren’t contributing to results.

Managing what you do with your time is critical if you want to achieve success without working yourself to the bone. It is about learning to work a little smarter, so that you get everything done and still have some time to yourself.

Here are 8 tips to help you achieve the most in the time that you have:

1)  Create a 90 day plan and only put items in your plan that are key priorities

Create a master plan where you collate all your actions and what you want to achieve during the next 12 weeks and write your priorities in one place. Somewhere you can easily access, for e.g. a specific planning book (something that looks and feels nice), your mobile phone, tablet or computer – there’s an Ap called Omni focus which is great for this. This will ensure that you can easily refer to your plan and check if you are achieving all tasks and find out what you still need to do.


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2) Do the difficult tasks first – before you even open up your email!

Get the difficult stuff off your chest and done. As I always say JFDI! You normally find that it doesn’t take as long as you had thought and frees up the psychic ram space in your mind.

3) Focus on 3 business critical actions each day

By focusing on 3 business critical priorities only each day, means that you have space if other things “happen” which you hadn’t planned for. i.e. someone off ill or an urgent meeting. As long as you complete these, you can leave the office knowing you’ve had a great day.

4) Enter all fixed events first

In other words: business meetings, weekly team meetings and reviews, appointments, interviews, performance reviews etc. These items are the large stones in your diary that you can then work around.

5) Set aside time to review and realign plans

Block off an hour (or at least 15 mins) each week to check progress on goals, review your team’s activity and analyse if you’re on track to meet targets. Doing this on a regular basis helps you realign actions in line with goals at an early stage.


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6) Keep track of fixed events that your team needs to attend or key actions

The reason for this is that you will need to check that they are adequately prepared for the meetings or presentations. Following the fixed events it is good to have a debrief session to get feedback on their success.

7) Allocate the remaining time for your business priorities

Make sure you assign time to Your Recruitment Business as well as time to build your team, developing individuals and achieving your own team’s targets. It is important to devote time to all three of these focus areas.

8) Leave some unallocated time

A jam packed schedule is never achievable. To function properly you need a break in between tasks. It’s also likely meetings or events can run on longer. Allow some extra time so that should this happen you won’t need to stress about what other tasks you should be doing at that time.

A good time plan will help you focus your efforts on tasks that will bring you results. By prioritizing, scheduling and being aware of your responsibilities, you can be more in control of your time. Instead of feeling rushed and disorganized you can systematically plan and implement tasks. Most importantly you will know that your efforts will help you achieve your targets and help you be a better recruitment manager to your team.

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