OK I admit it I love watching old re-runs of America police and detective dramas. One of my favourites was first aired just after I started school!


Can you guess what it might be!? It’s quite iconic. It was called Hill Street Blues and it ran for over six years on primetime TV in the US; no mean feat. It launched the careers of many famous actors and received over 98 Emmy nominations during its time.




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“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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What I loved was the opening scene. Each episode started with the Sergeant going through what was currently happening. There was banter, ideas, suggestions, offers of help and finally the sergeant would utter the immortal line……….”hey and be careful out there!”

One of the things I connected with was how people can work as a team to produce outstanding results. I was sharing this story with a client of mine who knew exactly what I was referring to.

In one of her coaching sessions we had talked about how she was going to build her new team.

She decided that the Hills Street Blues model; slightly adapted, would work for her as a way to crank up the energy, motivation and can do attitude of the whole team. This is how it works.

1. It happens every day… yes, everyday

It is so easy for other ‘things’ to come up that just have to be dealt with. Let’s be honest they will always be there. Remember one of the principles of influence I shared. It was about consistency and commitment. Your team will spot yours a mile off. Be consistent with your meetings and you will find out more about your team than you realise. Make sure it happens every day, come rain or shine.

2. Short and sweet

This is about energy and motivation. It’s about all pulling together. To make it easier let’s call my client Paula; not her real name!

Paula decided to have 15 minute meetings every day in front of the white board. There was a set agenda of key areas that got discussed. It included who was working on what, who needed positive vibes sending their way and who got a high five for something they had achieved the previous day.



Everyone was standing. Not in some disciplinary way but in a; “let’s get at them and get some energy flowing”….. way!

Human physiology is amazing. The mind, body and language are all connected. You can try it now. Stand up tall with your shoulders back and try to frown or feel down; bit of a challenge isn’t it?

Standing gives you an energy boost. This is exactly how these consultants start every day.



“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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3. No drama

These meetings were deemed to be a, “whinge free zone”. If there were issues or problems these were addressed outside of this morning meeting.



What next?

Could this work for you? I think so. There is nothing more special than feeling part of a team, especially one that pulls together.

As human beings being together as part of our ‘tribe’ is how we are wired. It works for us. Why do you think we are encouraged from early childhood to take part in team sports?….

Ready to get going? Great, good luck……oh and be careful out there!

I hope you found this article useful.

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