What makes a great recruiter is today’s staffing sector is different to what it was a few years ago. Let’s be frank about it, no matter how attached we might be to our ‘consultant’ label at the end of the day our recruiters are salespeople first and foremost. 

Here is a definition from the Cambridge Dictionary:

“ A person whose job is selling things to customers.” 

I know not particularly sexy, and yet that is fundamentally what recruitment consultants do. 


The World Of Selling Is Changing 

The facts are though that the world of selling is changing and consequently so is the way people buy. With Social media advertising, Google Jobs and the implications of GDPR the recruitment landscape is going to change. 

As a recent example here at Centre excellence towers, we are planning to landscape the garden. With two growing children, we want to ensure that they can play, be stimulated, and have a great time all in a safe environment. 

On my way back from one of the events Katy and I ran in London, I pulled out my smartphone and within 30 minutes had identified 4 landscape gardeners who could do the job. 

Buyers are now in the driving seat, and as sellers, we need to remember that; the choice is everywhere, and with recruitment companies springing up at an unprecedented rate, your consultants have competition. 

Considering this what the fundamental skills and attributes are you need to look out and develop in your recruiters? 


1. Product and Market Knowledge 

There have always been experts in every market imaginable, however, with access to the World Wide Web they are now much easier to find.  

As consumers in the B2B world, we search out experts. As an example, the centredexcellence website has thousands of visitors each month because both Katy and I are recognised as experts when it comes to transforming recruitment business growth. 

The day of the recruiter who sends out CVs without thought is long gone. Both candidates and clients expect the recruitment consultants they deal with to understand in-depth the market, career opportunities and the next big thing happening in the world of… #addyoursector. 

How are your recruiters delivering in this area? Is it part of your training plan. 


2. Flexibility

It has always been recognised that the ability to pick up the phone and smash targets is a given for a successful recruiter and as we mentioned earlier the market is changing. 

Today’s super successful biller will need to develop their flexibility. That might be marketing their company brand on LinkedIn.  

Or attending an evening event in a related market to make more connections. Or mastering facebook messenger to connect with potential candidates. 

While it’s important to keep the old school strategies a flexible recruiter will also not grown at sending a link to your latest ebook or calling a client after they attend one of your webinars. 

They will be flexible enough to mix up the inbound and outbound strategies that a now create exceptional results. 

[Hint: The true super biller will be driving this activity themselves.] 


3. Masters of Influence And Communication

Today’s candidates and clients are well informed. The ‘tell-sell’ no longer works. Today’s salesperson must master both written and verbal communication 

It’s the questions that a salesperson asks that sets  the high achievers apart from the rest. 

The ability to get under the skin of a client or candidate and understand their pain points so that they can relate the candidate and client need to everything your recruitment solution can deliver. 

It all boils down to how your consultants develop their ability to influence. I have written at length about influence over a couple of blog posts you can find here. 

Every buyer is different and has unique challenges – this is where the future big biller will have to spend their time to stand out in a crowded market. 


4. Team Players

Though the archetypal lone wolf sales person from Alec Baldwin’s Glengarry Glen Ross might initially do well, today’s superstar is a team player. 

The companies we work with are killing it by using a different recruiting model. You can read more about it here in a post called  why the 360 model is dying. 

Great salespeople in the modern world are great collaborators too. 


Next Steps? 

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Nicky and Katy