It’s sometimes a challenge to identify in detail what makes a great leader.  

You know it when you are working with one, and if you have been lucky enough to have that experience; good for you. At least you have a role model on which you can benchmark your own skills, attributes and behaviours. 

So, a question for you…. 

Does your recruitment team identify you as a great leader; someone at the helm that will lead them to the promised land? 


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Perhaps you used to be that person, and things have gone a bit ‘off’? 

You are forgivenThe thing is expectations of leaders have changed over the last few years.  

This year we celebrate 30 years of the World Wide Web which has changed everything. Access to information 24/7 has opened everyone’s awareness and expectation of what they ‘should’ expect from their ‘boss’. 

We also have a workplace full of Millennials and now, fast on their heels, Gen Z who have different expectations of their leaders. 

If you want different results, it might just be time to change your leadership style. 

The fact is, there are many ways to be a good leader, and each leader will have different attributes.  

The greatest leaders are considered the best because they exhibit certain key elements of leadership. Over the years we have identified three critical areas that all our successful clients work on, and here they are for you. 

They Are The Change 

key part of our  focuses on leadership. Especially how you as the leader of your team become the change you want to see. 

If you want people to do what they say they’ll do, they also do it too. If they want people to be innovative, leaders let people know that it’s OK to try something new even if they fail. 

Exceptional leaders will even share their own stories about the mistakes they have made in the past. 

The best way to encourage change is from the top down, and they work that simple idea to their advantage. 

The only constant for any leader is change, and as a result, as leaders, we must adapt and change to what is going on around us if we want to lead our teams well. 

Each year both Katy and I allocate a large pot of money to facilitate our own development. For instance, a few weeks ago, I attended a seminar by Paul McKenna, this month I am attending another programme, and, in my calendar, there are another four events so far booked in. 


They Consistently Work On Improving Their Communication 

In a past development course I attended, we studied presuppositions. In other words, the basic beliefs and attitudes we come across that guide how we interact with people. 

Here is one that I use every day. 

Communication is the response you get, and you cannot not communicate. 

If you are wondering why the way you communicate isn’t working, sorry to be the bearer of bad news; it’s your fault. 

Ever gone into a situation and lost your cool and wondered why the person you were talking to reacted in an identical way? It’s a natural pattern we all have. 

You cannot not communicate. We are always communicating either verbally or non-verbally. Even the absence of a response is a form of communication. 

….. “She didn’t say anything at all. I think she disagrees with me….” 

Our nervous system is conditioned to filter information in this way. These filters are triggered by both verbal and non-verbal behaviours in others. Think about recent uncomfortable situation with your significant other see what I mean? 

Which is more important: What you intend to communicate, or what you actually communicate 

Flexible communicators change what they’re saying and how they’re saying it, as well as their body language until their desired results are obtained. 

They come from a place of seeking to understand, in other words asking questions that open a conversation. 

Communication is the real work of being a recruitment leader. It’s a fundamental element of how leaders accomplish their goals every day. You simply can’t become a great leader until you are a great communicator. 


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They Know Their People Are Key to Success and Act Accordingly 

great recruitment leader understands that it is the people they lead that ultimately determines the success or failure of any venture.  

They surround themselves with good people that they can cultivate into a team of competent, confident individuals who can work well as a cohesive billing team. 

They can then guide this team towards a vision by clearly communicating short and long terms goals and developing those people around them. 

The truth is your business will never grow consistently if you keep getting ‘back on the tools’ when something comes up. 

 A better long-term plan is to develop the team around you to step up and contribute; they will feel more fulfilled too. 

Ready to take action? 

Warm regards 

Nicky and Katy 

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