In last week’s article I talked about the power of investing in you and your recruitment business. It struck a chord with quite a few people and I have had various emails on the back of it. Yes of course there are many things YOU need to do in your recruitment business and they need to happen in the most efficient way possible; these are the things that make you money. Enter the power of batching. A new strategy for many and one I strongly recommend to all my clients – whether you are a business owner, manager or working on your own as an independent recruiter. It is a strategy I use that I am constantly asked about. For those of you that know me I am constantly busy and I achieve a lot. Yes I am an ex-recruiter so I get ‘working hard and smart’ and I attribute a lot to how I organise and batch my time. Want to know more?


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Why batch?

Simple it saves time and makes your life a whole lot easier! Batching is based on the premise that spending time on blocks of similar activities saves time in the long run and potentially avoids distraction….did you know that it can take up to 15 mins to get back into the swing of things after a distraction? Classically recruiters are plate spinners; ‘trying’ to keep everything going at once. Sending out a CV, answering a phone call, searching on LinkedIn, eating a sandwich; sound familiar? The fact is multi-tasking doesn’t work long term; you will make mistakes or run out of steam or both. I have done my own studies using the batching technique and I can identify specifically the value it’s brought. Peace of mind, clarity, great clients and increased revenue.

Why it works

There are many theories from; avoiding distraction and procrastination through to accessing different parts of our brain in the most efficient way possible. As humans we are creatures of habit and love structure. The parents reading this will vouch for the nightmare of Tommy and Tania coming back from Grandma’s with a disrupted routine and the havoc that then ensues! The thing is it’s how we are wired, which is a good thing. Why? Because it means we can use it to our advantage. Here’s something many people don’t mention about batching. It helps get us in flow and rhythm. Our bodies love rhythm; it’s how we survive on planet earth.


Free Business Checkup Reveals…

How Fit Your Recruitment Business Is For Growth… 

How it works

Set tasks, using similar resources, within a time frame, take a break and then rinse and repeat. That is it. Let me explain this break thing first. Our bodies and minds need to take a break. Being a martyr and sitting at your desk for three or four hours at a time won’t work. Our energy and powers of concentration fatigue over time. There are a couple of techniques around time. One is taught by Tony Swartz and is known as the power of full engagement. The other is the Pomodoro technique. Both advocate working in small chunks followed by a break. What next? Allocate the when and what and put it in your diary. Be strict and prepare ahead of time. Here is an example for you. Like you I make sales calls and I probably do it in a different way. I schedule (batch) them together. I am then in flow and totally there for the caller. I block them off in my diary. My prep is done ahead of time I have everything to hand on my desk and away I go. I didn’t use to do it that way; funny since I started I have increased my own conversion rate by 25% Actions you can take

  • Pick a task that is important and has to get done
  • Block off time in your diary
  • Prepare ahead of time
  • Switch off your phone, email and linkedIn ( unless specifically involved in the task)
  • Tell people not to disturb you
  • Watch the magic happen!

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