Continuing our twopart series on how specialism will help you scale lets explore more about the subject in this post. You can read why 2018 will be the year of the specialist recruiter part 1 in case you missed it here.

In a previous post, we talked about analysing your data as this will provide clues to where the gold jobs and niche are. Yes, it takes planning and preparation to identify which are the best niches with growth potential for you, and this process alone will shift your performance. 

Identifying your specialist niche means that you will, with focus, become the recognised expert; yes it really is possible. 


The Downside of Lack of Specialism 

I meet so many recruiters that waste vast amounts of time because they are flitting from one job to another and always starting the search from scratch.   

I worked with one consultant who when I first met them one minute was looking for a project manager and then the next minute they were looking for a nurse….. what! 

They had to start the resourcing process entirely from scratch each time. They weren’t able to re-purpose the candidates because they only had one job; imagine the waste of time energy and resources. 



The Alternative Approach 

The alternative ‘specialist/niche’ approach is what top performing businesses do. They focus on a particular niche and digging deep within that niche. 

Here is how it works so beautifully. 

As soon as your consultant finds a job, because they are so focused and an expert in the niche, they have at least 3 candidates that are suitable, so they submit all three, whilst at the same time speaking to 2 other clients that they know have the same hiring need.   

So all 3 candidates get 3 interviews – which gives both the candidates and clients choice. As only one person can get the job – the client has 2 other options to choose from. Therefore the best possible scenario for all concerned. 

Imagine being able to ‘reuse’, and repurpose’ candidates, so that you’re not starting from scratch each time. A huge time saver and way more profitable while you deliver quality all-round. 

So how do you find and work your niche? Here are 3 essential steps. 

1. The first step in the niching process is to understand that less is more when it comes to finding your niche.  

2. Know you don’t need to do business with everyone. 

3. You only need a few quality businesses who need your services and are motivated to pay you to provide them. 



Imagine you only need to talk to a handful of top quality candidates each month. They are coming from marketing and referrals. 

They are calling you or are open to a conversation #nomoreicecoldcalling 

Consider this; you now know and have relationships with the top clients in your market. They know you and call you when they need help.  

How does that feel? How does that impact your bottom line? Your life?  

How much time will that save in your day? How many extra hours a day will you get back if you got rid of 80% of the jobs and candidates that you’re currently working on? What will you do with all of that extra time?  


It Takes a Focused Mindset 

When you are running a business, especially when you have bills to pay, you can easily slip into what is known as a scarcity or lack mindset. 

You find yourself thinking, albeit irrationally, that this could be your last client. Your rational mind knows that this is not going to happen, but when you let your imagination wander you can potentially allow fear to take a grip, and you end up accepting clients and jobs that you know aren’t ideal.  




You must resist the urge to accept work that doesn’t work for you. It’s hard at times. Both Katy and I understand we have both been there, worked through it, and came out the other side. 

I’m not going to lie, it does take a belief and trust in the process. Go and read these case studies here if you want some inspiration from business owners like you who have made it work. 

If you can master the art of niching and focusing only on your ideal clients and candidates, you will see success like you never thought possible.  

If you are reading this and yet still having the; ‘yes but’ conversation playing out in your head, you need to understand what’s stopping you. 

So there are 4 questions I would ask you to consider and write down your answers to 

  • What are your biggest worries about niching?  
  • What could happen?  
  • How would that impact your life, business?  
  • What could you do to plan for niching to be successful? 


Once you have gotten clear on your unconscious blocks, go back to your business analysis. We mentioned it earlier in the post too. 

What did it reveal? 

Look at the 20% of candidates or clients that are giving you 80% of your revenue and those people that you are passionate and interested in working with. 

That is your roadmap right there in front of you based on previous results. 

Then commit to the niche and take action! BOOM! 



Before you go, have you downloaded our new report to help your consultants convert more clients? You can download it here. 

Warm regards 

Nicky and Katy 

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