One cruical strategy to scale your growth is more of the right jobs at the right fee on the board that you fill consistently. This will only be achieved if you have a high performing B.D. team. That continually pull new clients through. 

The alternative? YOU end up ‘trying’ to do everything yourself which makes it almost impossible to scale and will put YOU in an early grave and an inexpensive one at that; sorry to be blunt! 

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‘All well and good Nicky and Katy! Though B.D. stars aren’t easy to find’…. maybe; maybe not.  

Because this is so cruicial to your success, we have written a three part connected series of blogs for you.  

Our goal at Centredexcellence is that you make more while you work less. You can only do that by building a fantastic team around you, so lets get started. 


What You Need To Consider First: The Facts 



Let’s be honest: at some point, we have all hired what we thought was a star biller only to discover once they arrived they were all talk and no action and therefore couldn’t deliver. 

Here is a scary stat for you.

Did you know that one of the most respected sales training organisations in the world reported that only 50% of salespeople hit sales targets; crikey!  

That is why it is more critical than ever to know what you want in a B.D. biller as you implement the ultimate recruitment model and then how you can identify those traits before you bring these guys and girls into your company.  

Remember business owner lesson one; people who don’t perform lose you money. 

When Katy and I first start talking to owners that want to scale we have a conversation about how much each desk bills. 

It still shocks us that some people don’t factor into their P and L and the cost of ‘running’ that recruiter versus the revenue they generate for their company. 

Greg Savage, the well-known recruitment leader, refer’s to this as the cost of a seat. On our programmes, we help our students work out their exact figure for billers in their organisation, as it is a crucial check point to scaling. 



As a minimum each recruiter in your team should bill three times their base salary; that is for starters. That way they cover all their associated costs including salary, running costs, marketing and support and that leaves a small profit for you. 

That figure is where many owners get stuck because they think if they have someone billing £100k a year it is OK…. err no. 

That figure is way off. 

We know it can be market specific and think about it? 

Your goal  is to develop super billers in your specific sector. 

Only the other week I was talking to one owner who has three billers in his team who all deliver above £500k a year. 

Sales people if we work with them, training, development, coaching… and flick the right switches are more than capable of pulling significant numbers. 

Our mantra here at Centredexcelence is that the fundamental business objective across the recruitment sector needs to be; improving consultant productivity. To do that we need to hire the right skills, train, coach, and provide all the modern tools today’s star recruiter needs to thrive. 



I guess you sense that or you would not have read this far.  


What next? 

A friend of ours has a saying; You cannot go fishing for whales with minnow bait! In the next post which you can find here, we share some strategies; the top dogs are using to attract the billers they want. 

Warm regards 

Nicky and Katy 


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