The fastest growing and most profitable recruitment businesses position themselves as niche specialists.  The companies have a well-defined target market and set of services that clearly differentiate them from their competition.  

Imagine the difference it makes to your customers, both candidates and clients, when you have a deep understanding of them – a deep understanding of their needs, so you can provide services that consistently produce quality candidates through an outstanding recruiting process which matches everyone’s needs.  

Do that, and you become the goto person in your market – a knowledge leader.  

What’s Holding You Back from Your Niche? 

While working with clients over the years, I’ve seen a lot of reasons why people don’t focus on a single niche.   

We tend to think that more is more, and it isn’t  let me explain.  

The more we focus on meeting more people, doing more work and gathering more business cards, the more business we will think we will accumulate.  If you have this approach – you will not be able to scale your business – you will always be swamped with work, and not always the kind that is profitable either.  

A lot of business owners find it challenging to focus on just one thing, because:-  

  • They are afraid of missing out on potential business,  
  • They feel secure having lots of possibilities, 
  • I thought if I had all these clients, I’d be OK?” 
  • They get stuck in the status quo and are bogged down in busywork, and 
  • …… they claim they don’t have time to focus their efforts. 


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When You Focus on Everything, You Focus on Nothing  

Be honest with yourself. Are all your clients profitable? Can you easily place all your candidates? What would your business look like if you focused your efforts on placing only high-quality candidates into highquality positions? How would it be to spend your time focusing solely on the things that work in your business?  

The reality is that you can be happier and much more efficient if you focus your efforts on serving the right people in the right market in the right way.  

Many recruitment business owners I meet waste so much time because they are flitting from one job to another, always starting the search from scratch.    

One consultant, who when we first met, was looking for a CAD engineer one minute and then the next was looking for a nurse.  They had to start the process totally from scratch each time – and they were not able to re-purpose the candidates because they only had one job.    

There’s a much easier, more efficient and profitable way of doing business and this involves focusing on a very specific niche.     

Focusing on a Niche Could Look Like This   

As soon as your consultant finds a jobthey have three suitable candidates, so they submitted three – while at the same time speaking to two other clients that they know have the same need.   

So, all three candidates get three interviews – which gives them choice, and because only one person can get the job – the client has two other options to choose from.  So, you are always re-purposing and re-signing candidates, so you’re not starting from scratch each time.  

How Do You Find and Work Your Niche?  

The first step in the niching process is to understand that less is more when it comes to finding your niche.   

  • Know you don’t need to do business with everyone. 
  • You only need a few quality businesses who need your services, and  
  • ….. are motivated to pay you to provide those services.  

Imagine talking to 2-3 top quality candidates each month. They are coming through marketing and referrals.  

They are calling you.   

Also, you know and have relationships with the top clients in your market. They know you and call you when they need help.   

How does that feel and how does that impact your bottom line and your life? How much time will that save in your day? How many extra hours a day will you get back if you removed to the bin; 80% of the jobs and candidates that you’re currently working? What will you do with all that extra time?  

When you are running a recruitment business, especially when you have bills to pay, you can easily slip into a scarcity mindset. You find yourself thinking, albeit irrationally, that this could be your last client. Your rational mind knows that this is not going to happen, but when you let your imagination wander, you fill with fear and accept clients and jobs that you know aren’t the ideal people and companies to work with.  

You must resist the urge to accept work that doesn’t work for you. It’s hard at times; I’m not going to lie. But if you can master the art of niching and focusing only on your ideal clients and candidates, you will see success like you never thought possible.  


Warm regards,  

Nicky and Katy  

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