Here is a recognised fact for you: Business relationships, communication, self and team management will become a lot more effective; with less frustration for you, when you understand more about yourself and others.

We touched on that briefly in the last article about emotional intelligence.

Having a good understanding of personality ‘type’ and the impact of behavioural styles can have a huge impact on how you motivate your team and organisation to produce the results they are all capable of.



By developing your understanding of this area of human psychology you will put yourself ahead of many recruitment directors in the staffing field.

The good news is the research and theory behind the numerous tests you see are easy to understand. This knowledge will help you develop both yourself and your team in the most effective and efficient way possible. Think about it? Who hasn’t taken a quiz online and been surprised how accurate it is; I know I have.


People really are different

Though as the collective human race we all have many similarities, we also individually have a few quirks, or that is how it appears on the surface, until we dig deeper and understand more about each other.

The thing to recognise is that though your recruiters are all quite different, everyone has value and special strengths to bring to the team and your organisation.

Who hasn’t asked their detail orientated significant other to find the best insurance quote on line; because you simply don’t have the patience to trawl through multiple websites; note to self!

At home we recognise these patterns in family and friends and yet when we are at work we often forget that. In our recruitment organisations our team are all different too and could bring huge value to the table; if we work with who they are, rather than trying to change them.


When to use profiling tools

It’s common in larger organisations to use the various personality and behavioural profiling tools throughout the recruitment, development and team building process of growing a world class organisation.

My own experience, over the last few years, is that smaller SME (under 250 employees) and micro organisations (0-9 employees); which many recruitment firms fall under, don’t use the power of these accurate tools.

In our own programmes we strongly recommended using these from day one.



The recruiting process

With recruitment and staffing still expected to experience growth, inspite of BREXIT, over the next five years’ ambitious recruitment owners are building their teams.

How much better would it be to spend a small amount of cash to have more certainty about the folks you recruit and how they might contribute to your team and bottom line rather than assume that Jane or John will grow into being a great recruiter?

Logical isn’t it? So where could you start.

At the last count there were over 50 of these recognised profiling tools here are a few names you might have heard of.

  • Myers Briggs
  • Belbin
  • Honey and Mumford: Learning Styles
  • Social Styles (Tracom)
  • Insights
  • E.I.

Let’s face it if you are recruiting sales people; which is fundamentally what your consultants are, you must ensure they have both drive and resilience in significant amounts, whilst also having the ability to build rapport and consequently influence people they speak to.

At Centredexcellence we currently recommend certain tools in the recruiting process.



Will these tools really help Nicky?

Yes, they will!

As an example, last month one of our students in our 750k billing blueprint programme shared how she wished she had started using one particular tool so much earlier.

Consequently, when we started working together there were just three of them and now the team will be 8 strong (at least) by Christmas. The even better news is that the recruitment owner in question hasn’t had to ‘lose’ anyone because they haven’t lived up to expectations.


Can we help?

In our different programmes we share all our 2 favourite tools, help you decide which ones will work better in your recruitment organisation and work with you to utilise them to best effect. If you would like to know when our next intake is then fill out the contact form here.


Warm regards



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