Your recruitment model is outdated! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it’s a fact. 

The days of hitting the phones hard and doing everything from BD to sourcing and account development is no longer scalable when it comes to accelerating your growth. 

In our most recent webinar, we share the five main strategies that are making the difference for successful recruitment companies. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can grab a spot here. 

One specific strategy is focused on your recruiting model, and I want to talk more about this in today’s post. 


The Easy Way To 10x Your Results 


There is a well-known speaker called Grant Cardone who extolls the virtue of what he calls the 10x method. 

His process encourages you to look for the leverage points in your business that will allow you to scale.  

Your recruiting model, minus you, is one of those shifts. It’s all about leveraging: 

  • Time 
  • …. and Talent 


Back in the day recruiting was so much easier and 360 worked. 

All you needed was a phone, the yellow pages, a fax and a Filofax #rememberthose and that was about it. 

You would market out a good candidate, and a few clients would phone you back. You would then set up interviews, place a happy candidate with a happy client. 

This resulted in one happy consultant and billing manager too! 


The Recruiting and Staffing World Has Changed 

However, these days you have the World Wide Web, social media, you have adverts, you have job boards, you have LinkedIn, you have to provide a mobile experience, create blogs and write reports to stand out in the most competitive recruitment market ever. 

Factor in that you have to account manage, provide customer service, develop and grow accounts and find new ones and then, of course, resource skilled candidates in one of the most challenging candidate driven markets Katy and I have ever seen. 

Let’s get real and face the truth. 

There are so many different facets involved in recruitment, and we are expecting one person to be an expert at all of them and it is just impossible. 


R.I.P. 360 

For me, the 360 model is like having a football team where you have a striker who plays up front, scores the goals. He then runs back to midfield, on route back to the goal to make sure he stops any goals going in! 

Ridiculous isn’t it? 



Imagine if you were that striker.  You are having to go up and score goals and come back and defend and get back into the goal. How exhausting is that? 

Ringing any bells about how daft the 360 model now is? 

Because you are asking someone to develop business, to manage accounts, to resource candidates, to write adverts; AND there are different skill sets required in each of these areas.  


The Uncomfortable Truth About Continuing With 360 

What will happen if you do not shift your business away from 360 is you will have chronic underperformance happening in your team; which means yo-yo billings and loss of revenue. 

People will be working in the wrong roles when it comes to where they can truly excel. 

Burnout will happen, which I wrote an article on here, people will hate their job and likely leave. 

The 360 super-biller unicorn no longer exists; so stop looking. 

Here is something else to consider.  What if somebody walks out with all your knowledge and expertise?  

You are then exposed and open to risk, versus a team working together in flow utilising one another’s strength and zone of genius. 


A Route To A Highly Productive Team That Delivers 

Working with the many recruiting teams that we do here at Centredexcellence through our various programmes, we have found removing the 360 model makes billing teams three times more productive. 

Here is how it works, so you have a team of two, sometimes even a pod of three that can be billing three times more than they would do if they were on their own! I know – how amazing AND cash producing is that. 

You have less stress and burnout, which gives you better staff retention. You have a team-based model, so if one person is off sick or goes on holiday or leaves, you have at least two other people, in the team who know exactly what is happening in the accounts/jobs they are working on. 

It makes complete business sense; doesn’t it? 

The traditional 360 is when you have all of the different elements of recruiting; BD, resourcing, account management, marketing etc, delivered by one person. 

The NEW model we are referring to here, we call The Ultimate Model, where we split 360 into three areas.   

You have a 120 model.  Admin and marketing sit outside.  Marketing would include advert writing, posting adverts, social media; and this is a separate person. 


The New Ultimate Model 


There are two models that we use.  One is what we call the 120 model. 

You have a person or a team that purely specialises in BD, a person or a team who personally specialises in delivery and a person or a team who purely specialise in research and they all work together and interlink to deliver the full service.  That is the 120 model. 



Then we have the 240 model.  This can work one of two ways.

Either you have a person or a team who do the BD, go out and win new business and then they pass it over to one person who is a joint delivery or research person or a team of people who do delivery and research.  That is one way the 240 can work. 

The second way is where you have one person doing BD and delivery who then works for the researcher resourcer.  This works better when it comes to utilising people’s strengths. 

You have somebody doing the ‘grunt’ work, finding, prepping and looking after the candidates and they pass it over to the BD delivery person who then delivers on the service.   

To sum up here, you need to break your 360 up into three separate functions.  It means your team will work in flow and work to their strengths – high performance all around. It really becomes a win-win-win.   

You will increase your results, your productivity, your time, and critically the amount of fun you have too. 


Can We Help? 

At Centredexcellence our goal is to help you scale past seven figures and beyond. If that is your goal, you will have to tweak certain things; the way you set up your sales process being one. There are a few other things too that we can help you with. 

If you want to know more about how we can help, first read our success stories here and then send an email with the word ‘right roles’ in the title here and let’s take it from there. 


Warm regards, 


Nicky and Katy 

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