There are five options when it comes to a business development focus for your recruiting business; some will work, and others won’t.  

Let’s explore them here. 

  • You can take your existing service recruitment and sell that to existing clients. But as you’ll see, most of the clients turned that tap off. So that’s not an option. 
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  • You could be taking your existing service and developing it to a new client base, which is an option for you at the moment.  
  • You could be creating a new offer and taking that to an existing client.  
  • Or you could be taking a new offer and taking it to new clients.  

Therefore, in theory, you’ve got four potential areas that could be an area of focus. 

WARNING! Let me explain more 

  • Existing service to new client..tick 
  • New offer to an existing client…tick 

But your offer to new client – absolutely no. 

Why? Time. 

In the current market, this is a waste of your time. 

PreCovid, you had the same offer to the same clients, and it worked. 

And now we know that’s different; which means we have to adapt and pivot what we’re doing or else experience zero cash flow and no business. 


“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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Pivoting Your Offer

Here is an example of pivoting, which works—one of our clients places FTEs into a market. After a conversation about finding the gold with Katy and me, Deborah was able to pivot and introduce a number of her clients to each other to develop a process around mergers and acquisitions.  With a growing business you also have to also take care of getting new quality employees and one of the best ways to make sure of that is by delegating the expansion hiring process to an expert as exec search Utah is. 

This is now being created into a new offer. 

It started by being open, looking to serve and using the right questions. 

The lesson here. 

You want to make sure you’re talking to the right people, so people that you’re connected with and to – people who are in groups and communities, for example, LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn connections etc. What is fascinating is that even within your target clients, six degrees of separation is at work. 

There’ll be somebody that you know, who will be able to introduce you and that’s the first place you need to start.  


The Right Offer 

Nobody can buy anything unless we create our offer – that they want! So, it’s been relatively straightforward up to March. 

Your client has a need, they have a role within their business, and you are the recruitment expert. Lets be frank; we have a product, and that product is people, and we are putting those two together.  

So that has been our offering to date. 

Now, the challenge is – as we’ve already talked about – we’ve sold this product for years, and we’re good at selling this product. But all of a sudden, the need for that product has disappeared or at least minimized.  

So, our clients aren’t looking for that service from us, or if they are, they’re not even entirely aware of what or where they need our help. 

As recruiters, it is now time to move from the transaction sale to something more sustainable that our clients want. 

So now we have to take our clients to a different place to uncover what is the new need. Because without a need, you cannot then match that with a service offering or a product.  


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So, we need to understand what it is that the client wants. 

Tricky, as clients are confused about precisely what they want. 

So, this is where we have to act as a consultant, a business consultant rather than a recruitment consultant, to help them to tease out their exact problem. 

It is now our role to help them to understand what their new problem is.  

Because at the moment they are probably blind to that problem. They’re probably not even aware of what it is.  

And if we support them to understand what that problem is and we get very clear on what that new pain point is, then we get clear on what it is that needs to happen for them to solve that problemRESULT. 

Because that’s where we can then start crafting the right offer that is going to deliver what they need for their current business situation right now. 


What next? 

Now it is time to hone our skills to understand what our clients need and to craft our offer. 

We will cover this next time. 


Warm regards,  

Nicky and Katy 

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