Over the past few posts, we have outlined many of thkey behaviour shifts you will need to make if you want to recover from COVID in a series of posts you will find here. 

So, once you have made that decision, you have then got a plan, and you have decided to act before you are ready, then what next? 

There is a great quote that I came across years ago, which saysbuy the ticket. You do not know how necessarily you are going to get on the plane; however, you buy the ticket and then act 

This is about getting into action because even if you do not know whether it is the right action, action is ALWAYS the starting point to create momentum.  

Then as you start to act, you will notice you are getting some feedback which means that you are going to then be able to coursecorrect.  

Fact: It is much easier to move a ship that is going in the wrong direction than a ship that isn’t moving at all. 


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Taking Action = Momentum 

We see so many people who miss the opportunity because they are overthinking, hesitating or they are waiting until everything is perfect 

What is critical here is to act, even if it is wrong. Why? Because you are starting to build momentum and with it comes feedback. 

And feedback allows you to course-correct; remember a few weeks ago, we talked about comfort zones and how everything you want is outside your comfort zone? 

All successful people bust through comfort zones; we’re saying you want to start taking action towards things that make you feel very uncomfortable. What is going to happen at that point in time is stuff is going to come up for you. 

Fear, frustration, overwhelm; whatever your negative emotion is, it is going to start to rear its head.  

And that is what we want.  

And rather than sweeping fear underneath the carpet or letting overwhelm take you over, step through it. 

Because as soon as you step through and you let go of that trapped energy, there’s a huge release of powerful positive energy that was stuck and once it has been released, you can then move through and start creating again. 

Therefore acting is so vital to your success. 

There are a lot of people who have been going through our momentum programme who have experienced this first-hand, especially around BD calls. 

Here is what happened; because people have not had to do real business development for sometimes years, and then we ask them to get on the phone and ask questions and truly consult they freak out! 


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They are experiencing a range of emotions. 

  • I am not good enough at this.  
  • I don’t know whether I am going to be able to ask the right questions. 
  • I don’t know what I should be doing. 

They lose their confidence and what we found is by just getting people to start making those calls, they break through.  

The first few might be uncomfortable, and then the more they did it, the more they acted, the easier it became 

And then suddenly you find yourself enjoying it! Yes, you will: It just takes a bit of time to do that. 

This is so critical as it catapults you out of your comfort zone to where the coins of gold are waiting for you. 

Change is the Key to Breaking Through Comfort Zones 


To do the things we are suggesting requires you to change and become a different person, a new character. 

The reality is if what you have been doing in the past, has given you the results that you want moving forward to the future, I would be very, very surprised. 

Here is something both Katy and I have learnt over the past few years; if you want to get more then you’ve got to become more personally  you’ve got to then grow as a new person.  

Design the New You 

So, to achieve these challenges that you want, you need a new design. What is the unique character that can reach the things you want, and with ease? 

Suddenly our goal achievement becomes so much easier when we take on the character and attributes and mindset of the person we want to be. 

Be the change you want to be. 

Step into it. 

What would a 7 or 8 figure business owner say and do; what actions would they take. 

Probably not the ‘playing small’ actions you have been taking for the last few years. And then the decisions that you NOW make are based on who you are. 

 If you want to get a different set of results, you need to take a different set of actions. You need to make different decisions.  


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So, therefore, you need to be a different you. So, if you do not change who you are, then you won’t change your decisions or your actions. 

Time to create a new you and then focus on becoming that person who achieves those things and the results will come. 

Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 

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