I decided to write this particular blog because I have had daily conversations with rec owners, and my observation is that a form of strange inertia is setting in; not surprising really! 

As I sat down to write this post the reality dawned that we are now about to enter our fourth month of the COVID pandemic in the UK; yes a third of the business year has been in total disarray for many recruitment and staffing business owners. 

So today I want to share some thoughts so that you can start to consider things differently, especially about what’s happening for you now.  

For many of you currently, frustration is something you are experiencing daily – 

  • Everything is moving so slowly; 
  • You are coming up against obstacles consistently; 
  • ….. and you are struggling to get hold of people 

Katy and I share with all our clients the basic premise that if you want change to happen for your business and its results, it starts with you. 

You Deserve Something Better 

Perhaps you have been struggling for a long time ‘trying’ to break through to the next level, or you have hit a ceiling, and you have pulled back because it didn’t work.  

You might have been struggling for sometimes 5, 10, 15 years working 12- and 14-hour days. 

This is hitting home even more now as recruiting ‘on the surface’ is getting even harder. 

The good news is there are things you can change that can completely turn around your results even now – in the middle of this crazy pandemic. 

Imagine creating a business that flows while you get back time for you and your family. 

I do understand what you are going through too. When I had my recruitment business, I worked seven days a week, and it was all down to me…… I was at breaking point. 

I wouldn’t say I was clinically depressed, but I would say I was clinically unhappy. I was exhausted. 


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I was lucky as I had a lady called Sarah Baisley, who phoned me out of the blue.  

There’s a saying that when you’re ready, the teacher appears. 

I was questioning what is wrong with me? Why can’t I figure out how to grow a business? Because I could see lots of other recruitment businesses around me growing and getting bigger and bigger.  

And I just thought “there’s something wrong with me!” 

Then I realised there wasn’t anything wrong with me. I didn’t have the right mind or skillset to build a business. 

Sarah stimulated change for me and helped me to gain an appreciation of what made me happy, and it was then that I knew I need to do ‘things’ differently. 

How Terrible Events Can Turnout Terrific

Both Katy and I over the last few months have been helping clients have their realisations stimulated by the COVID situation. Sometimes an external force, bringing you to your knees is a good thing for your future…… 

The situation we’re in at the moment is such an amazing opportunity because it is forcing you to make changes on something that you have probably been thinking about for years and putting off. 

You are being ‘forced’ to make the change. 

So how can you break through to the next level? 

Let me share some ideas with you that are working consistently for our clients. 

I want you to start thinking about is this. Imagine the situation that you’re in at the moment, whatever your challenge is; what if that challenge was the biggest gift to move you to the next level? 


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I could share so many stories with you here; my own included. I left a business in 2008 because I knew I was meant to do something else, and it’s the best decision I ever made. 

I am so appreciative the universe ‘course corrected me’. 

So, the situation you are experiencing where you’re hitting challenges or things, aren’t going well, you have a decision that you can make. 

You can hide or say, right “imagine if this is the opportunity to shift me up again, to shift me to a place that I know that I should be going to, that I’ve either been putting off because I’m fearful about doing it or going into the unknown scares me”. 

The opportunity is there. 

Clients we have spoken to recently have used this opportunity in so many ways. 

  • They have pivoted their business model and offerings; 
  • Moved sectors; 
  • Started a retained service; 
  • Removed divisions that have never been profitable anyway and had their most productive month ever. 

What about you? What do you know you ‘should’ be doing that you have been putting off? 

Next time I’ll share several ways you can embrace ‘the way’ and what it could mean for you. 


Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 

P.S. If you know it’s time to finally breakthrough we can help. It starts with a conversation which you can book here.