One of the most critical areas of focus to get handled if you truly want to create either financial freedom or freedom of choice or a multimillion business, whatever it is that you want to create, is your mindset focus. 

Let me ask you a question 

Have you ever felt that year after year, your life is stuck on repeat?  

The same things keep happening over and over again. Its almost like every year you set a goal, and yet you end up with the same results.  


Youd have the same things happening to your view. Look at how much youve earned – so many of our clients when we first talk to them have the realisation that they have earned virtually the same amount for the last three years. 

A classic repeat pattern that also happens in other areas of their life too. When you look deeper, you may experience something that happens every few months or few years, or in some cases, it could be a 5, 7- or 10-year cycle. 


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Why is the change and success you want not happening? 

The uncomfortable reason this is the case for you is that you haven’t changed. 

If you truly want to achieve something youve never achieved before, you actually have to become a different person.  

You have to start acting and behaving and thinking as somebody totally different and change those patterns that keep appearing. 

These patterns are associated with something known as a limiting belief, and this is what is fuelling your behaviour and your results. 

It is fascinating that for over ten years I have been running programmes like RockIt and everyone gets the same information and yet there will be a handful of people who take what theyve been taught in the room and then totally smash it.  

They ‘do’ amazing things you couldn’t imagine. 

Let me share a couple of stories with you.  

What we shared with Cathy really resonated and within the next 90 days, she took her business over the million mark for the first time ever; and without doing things that differently. 

Then there was Jessica who had a team of 20 and was about to go under. Ninety days later shed done an extra million pounds GP, with 300 000 net profit, which was way beyond what she had set herself for the year. 


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What was different? 

Her mindset had shifted. 

So when I reflect on our successful students and what is different about them, it always comes back to the same thing: Success is about how you use your mind and your brain. 

Shift your beliefs, and your results will shift too. 

I’ll explore how to work with this in our next blog which you can find here.


Warm regards  

Nicky and Katy 

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