Over the years I have identified the key shifts recruitment owners need to make if they want to be successful. The first one is so pivotal that I have written two posts to cover this in detail, so let’s get going.

The recruitment market continues to grow at a pace, despite BREXIT, A.I. and the rise of internal recruiters.

Did you know that there are now over 40,000 registered recruitment companies in the UK? Though at one level this means more competition, at another it also means huge opportunities for recruitment organisations that know how to scale and grow.

It’s a similar trend across the globe; as companies grow, they need staff and consequently, call on the expertise of recruiters.


Why Isn’t It Easier?


All fantastic news though why doesn’t it ‘feel’ easier?

Do you secretly wonder if there is something wrong with you because you can’t work out how to find and hire the right consultants and resourcers for your business and get them performing consistently?

Perhaps it seems like you are fishing in the same pond as all the other recruiters out there and consequently having your fees questioned constantly?

While all the time it feels like you (and YOU ALONE) are busting a gut to keep everything working, while no one else in the business seems to care?

Worse still…. do you sense there is some sort of visible ceiling on your success and income?

I know at the other side of your device you are nodding in agreement! You see the thing is, here at Centredexcellence we have worked with business owners like you for years and helped them turn their situation around.

They all have something in common, and that was they decided to make the shifts necessary, and today I want to share the starting point.


Recruitment Business Growth Starts Here: Transform Yourself


No, it’s not the latest software or outsourcing CV sifting to India.

It starts by becoming a different person; makes sense, doesn’t it? If you want to achieve things that you’ve never achieved before, you need to change some of the things you are doing and do things ‘differently’ too.

Over the years I have trained hundreds of recruitment business owners, recruiters, directors, and one question that comes up for me every single time is this: while most people do well a small percentage of people in the room will smash it.

Why is that?

What makes the difference is their mindset.  Let’s face it – with our various programmes and our online Gamechanger product our clients all have access to the same information.

So, logically it is all about your mindset and what makes the difference is your thinking and how you use your mind and your brain to produce your results.

Here is the thing.

Your success or lack of it is governed by unconscious beliefs that were mostly formed and cemented into our coding by the age of seven; scary I know.

The thing about this is no matter how hard you work or how much you want to; if you have a limiting belief around money or success, then you are never going to make it.

Moreover, a real bummer is that many people don’t even realise this is going on.


The Relationship Between Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind


Have you ever heard the terms ‘conscious’ and ‘subconscious’ mind?

Let me explain how they work together by using the metaphor of a ship.

Your conscious mind is like the captain of a ship. It is the one that thinks it is in control and sets out what it wants to happen.

As an example, say I want to get from A to B, and I want to go in this direction, and I want to get to that place in this amount of time.

The unconscious mind is like the engine room or powerhouse, the guys rowing to get you there.

Here is the thing, your subconscious mind controls everything, and its prime directive is to keep you safe, and it holds all memories, all emotions, and all change happens at this level.

So, if it thinks where you are going is unsafe or will create uncertainty or risk, it puts a total stop on you; yes, unfortunate sometimes!

The way it stops you normally manifests in things like self-sabotage, illness, overwhelm, eating too much, drinking too much, anxiety, worry and stress.

From an early age, your mind is like a blank computer that is then coded with behaviours and emotions of others and this code can’t be changed unless you change it proactively.

The good news is the hardwiring stops around aged 22. However, by this point in time, you have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of hard-wired behaviours, emotions and beliefs; both positive and negative.

The thing about this is if you have positive coding and positive beliefs then amazing, keep them.  As I have mentioned many times before, beliefs govern our lives.

They will either move you forward, or they will hold you back.

So, logically if you have negative beliefs, then these are the ones that are holding you back. To give you an idea of what they might be they are beliefs about:

  • What you are worth
  • How much you can earn
  • How happy you can be
  • How good you are
  • Your ability to achieve
  • Alternatively, irrational fears


If any of these negative belief suggestions ring a bell for you, then you need to change them.

In the next post, we will explore the main negative beliefs that trip recruiters up and critically what you can do about them as you transform into the recruitment leader you have always wanted to be.


Warm regards,

Katy and Nicky

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