As in any profession, teach somebody well in their first year and you will recoup your own recruitment costs for years to come.

There are many things that will form part of your recruitment consultant training including advanced selling skills, negotiation and listening skills to name just a few of the basic attributes. Here we want to share 3 key ideas that are vital for success in any industry that involves selling and especially recruitment.

1. Goal Setting

That is obvious I hear you say. Well maybe and maybe not. Few people actually understand goal setting, and how to set it up so it actually works.

Imagine the scenario Sam or Sally start with you and you give them their first billings target of £10k that month. I am just using this as an example. Now all well and good and yet leaving it at that will not get you the result you want.

The best way to make a goal happen is to break it down into smaller chunks that will relate to actions that need to be taken.

For instance:

  • How many new placements would that mean?
  • What is the average billing?
  • What are the current conversion rates that Sam or Sally has in their past sales roles?

Perhaps they are total ‘newbies’ to the recruitment industry. If that is the case looking at your past recruitment consultant training what did previous new starters achieve.

This makes it simpler to work out. This way the figure of £10,000 can be broken down into how many placements that would mean and therefore how many conversations need to happen.


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2. Focus

Next is the buzz word of the moment. It does not matter how intelligent or qualified your new recruitment consultant is they must know how to focus.

Focus is the secret weapon to delivering outstanding results when it comes to training your recruitment consultants. When you have new people in any company, recruitment agency or not there are lots of distractions going on.

If you can keep your new consultants focused on exactly what they need to do to deliver results you will be amazed at what they will achieve.

If you have not got your own recruitment training manual or are unsure of the best steps either create one or outsource the training. This training can then be followed as a blueprint.

Learning any new skill takes focus and determination and having step by step instructions that are followed with focus over the first few months will make a huge difference.

3. Self-Appraisal

This is a technique few people think to build into their recruitment consultant training and yet it can be the difference that makes the difference.

At the end of each call get your new consultants to ask themselves a few simple questions. What went well? What went not so well? What can I do differently next time to make it even better?

By doing this on a regular basis your recruitment consultants will become more aware of what is working for them. What they need to get better at and what they can do more of to increase the results they are getting.


Free 8 Week Induction Plan For Resourcers

Exactly What You Need To Cover In The Initial 8 Weeks To Successfully Train and Onboard New Resourcers… 

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So there you have it – 3 ideas to help your consultants thrive in year one and beyond.  If you want any other advice or to find out how we can help you and your recruitment business increase your results please contact us or call 08453194838.

I hope you found this article useful.

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