Recruitment Managers are a pretty diverse bunch from my own experience; and I am in conversations with them every day. Something I do notice is that the really successful ones; as defined by achievement in both a business and personal context has nothing to do with how intelligent they are or how skilled they happen to be.

Instead they do things in a certain way; consistently.


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1. They have a growth mindset.

Let me explain this one. I am not talking about sitting in an Ashram and meditating for four hours a day :). I am talking about something much more practical that can be implemented by anyone; a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset.

Recruitment business owners with a fixed mindset believe that their basic traits or qualities are fixed. In other words their; talents, abilities, intelligence. The growth mindset person is different. They believe they can develop and get better. In the words of Stanford professor Carol Dweck; they believe that even basic talents and abilities can be developed over time through experience, mentorship, and so on. And these are the managers who go for it. They’re not always worried about how smart they are, how they’ll look, what a mistake will mean. They challenge themselves and grow.

Just because they are now a recruitment manager it doesn’t mean they know everything or can’t develop to become even more exceptional.

2. They set specific goals.

As I write this article,  I am surrounded by people all setting goals from; losing more weight to billing more. Both goals revealing a huge problem! They are not specific. The real high fliers I meet do it differently. Yes they set goals, only they are specific and are incredibly detailed. The, what, when, how and milestones are all mapped out. And then the huge difference? They set up their life around making it happen. Whether that’s placing reminders in a diary, blocking off time, or filling out an accountability form that they share with someone else.

3. They plan and get organized.

We all know that planning works and makes our life enjoyable and much calmer. The opposite is turmoil, at different levels of intensity and a mixed bag of results; I know because this was me in my younger days. The recruitment managers I know that really embody success basically make a decision to do what needs to be done; even if that means having their business and social diary mapped out by the day.

4. They have grit and willpower.

Yes you can develop both of these traits as long as you are willing to ‘do the work’ necessary. Grit is an interesting word that many people ask me to define. If you have never watched it before have a look at, True Grit the western. It tells the story of a young girl, Mattie Ross who sought retribution for the murder of her father. Not an easy task when you are 14 years old. The rocks that get in her way and her determination to make sure her goal is achieved are inspiring. It is that sort of dedication and focus that produces results. To achieve any long term goal and to keep going when it gets tough, which it will, you need to develop grit.

How about willpower? The answer is the same; it can be developed using the right strategies. I like to think of willpower as a muscle that gets trained over time to develop and become stronger.


Free 8 Week Induction Plan For Resourcers

Exactly What You Need To Cover In The Initial 8 Weeks To Successfully Train and Onboard New Resourcers… 

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You need to give it a regular workout so that it develops to help you achieve your goals in a consistent fashion. There you have it the four key traits I see consistently that make the difference to whether recruitment managers fly or just plod along.

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