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Emma Warren
Founder , Elite Staffing Solutions

The Situation

Emma Warren is the owner and founder of Elite Staffing Solutions, a specialist provider of recruitment services for the following sectors: Insurance & Financial Services, Commercial (Sales & Marketing, Office Support, Customer Services, Accountancy & Finance), Veterinary non-clinical and Healthcare non-clinical throughout the South West and nationally.

Emma started her recruitment company in January 2015 after having her first child. Though Emma had worked in recruitment before her maternity leave; she had worked as a Business Development Manager in the Insurance sector and realised there was a gap in the market locally for a dynamic insurance recruitment company.

Her business continued to grow over the next few years alongside her family. Since 2015 Emma’s company have expanded sectors across commercial and the veterinary space with their main focus being permanent recruitment.

Though the bank balance was healthy, Elite Staffing had won several business awards, and everything was going ‘well’, Emma decided that she wanted to accelerate the growth of her company.

As a driving force, Emma was always looking for ways to improve and be excellent at everything and all aspects of the business and take her company to the next level.

Emma then contacted Katy and Nicky at Centredexcellence and decided to join RockIt, the business growth programme.

Emma had several specific goals she wanted to achieve, both personally and for her company, by joining the RockIt and here they are.

The Outcome Emma Wanted:

  • To decide what Emma truly wanted for her business.
  • To push through her personal obstacles that were preventing her growth.
  • To learn all aspects of running a successful business and plug the gaps in her knowledge.
  • How to scale while developing a ‘rounded’ life outside of work.
  • To get the best out of her consultants and manage and lead her team.
  • To develop the best recruiting business model that would serve candidates, clients and her team.
  • Managing personal stress and developing coping strategies to balance a busy work and personal life.
  • Learning how to recruit, grow and develop her team.

Final Words From Emma About Rockit and Centred Excellence

“If you sit around waiting for something to happen, the chances are it won’t; it has to come from you. You have to implement changes to get different results and sometimes that is uncomfortable, but I know looking back now, everything that has been uncomfortable has been worth it 10 times over and it is just facing your fear and just cracking on with actions, even if those actions are small.

I spent a lot of time comparing myself to others, and you see some people making some dramatic changes, and you think, ‘but I’ve just done these,’ but the tiny tweaks are as necessary as the dramatic changes, and over time those tweaks add up to something huge.

You have to go at your own pace but at the same time do not feel afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone because that is probably where the most significant shifts will come, as I discovered during the RockIt programme.

JFDI, and do it. Don’t be afraid. The cave you most fear to enter holds the biggest rewards. You will regret being afraid and doing nothing because doing nothing is not going to get you closer to your goals, so bite the bullet and get on with it.”

Listen to what Emma Warren has to say:

Implementation and Results

After a conversation with Katy, Emma joined the Rockit programme which involves online learning, coaching and events. By following the process and taking consistent action, Emma was able to achieve the following results.

  • Developed a structured recruiting process, rather than taking any role emailed in, which was currently happening and moved the recruiting model away from the 360 recruiting model.
  • Restructured her team so that everyone was working in the zone of excellence and delivering improved results.
  • Different individuals in the team focused on their specialist sectors.
  • Had a key focus on building values across the company and removed a negative influencer from the team.
  • Moved from charging 8% to 15% fees with both current and new clients in a rural area which historically would not pay higher recruitment fees.
  • Emma defined her own recruiting sector rather than picking up any role that came in.
  • The team started to take full client briefs and turned job orders away that they knew couldn’t be filled.
  • Brought in resourcers to support the consultants in the team by knowing and understanding her local and business market and what was required.
  • Two-line emails asking ‘can you fill this role?’ were not actioned unless a full brief could be taken: Now a full candidate brief using the Rockit templates takes place before a job instruction is taken.
  • Job fill rate shot up from 25% to 47%.
  • One consultant who was previously making £9,000 a month fees in a 360 role was then supported by a resourcer, and this figure jumped to £17,000 a month.
  • In two years, turnover is up by 94%, and yet headcount has increased by only one person.
  • There was also a 40% increase in profit during the same period.
  • Instigated a performance programme with all the team based on reviewing data versus achievements on a weekly basis.
  • Consistent reviews now take place for all members of the team, which has created an upbeat and accountable culture.
  • Emma now makes herself important, and she has started reading again after ten years and hired a personal trainer.
  • As a result, Emma in her own words is hugely productive, working less while her results have leapt by 94%.

Transform Your Business and Your Results!

More Success Stories

Cathy Bates

MD, Essential Personnel

“Doubled our Average Fee and Invoiced Our Highest Amount in Perms for 4 Years!”

I’ve worked in recruitment for over 20 years and have always been successful but have never been able to get my consultants to achieve the same degree of success. The course has changed everything for me. It made me realise that the success or failure of my consultants lay at my door and has given me the tools to ensure that they are as successful as me. Since the training, my consultants are overachieving their targets, in March we invoiced £24350 in perms, which is the highest we have done in 4 years… For April we billed £24912.50 and we”ve still got the temp revenue to add to this!! We have also increased our average fee by 50%. It has been amazing!

Steve Evans

Client Services Manager, JAM

Increased Team Revenue by £100,965 In 6 Months

This management training course has helped me to increase revenue by £100,965 for 5 consultants over a 6 month period.


Oliver Gilkes

Team Leader, PE Recruit

“An Extra £320k in Sales”

Following on from Nicky’s course, my team increased their results by 84% – and extra £320k. One of the things Nicky suggested completely transformed my pipeline of new business. This year, we have increased our sales again by 38%. The main reason for this increase in billings is going on Nicky’s course. It was great to be in an environment which encouraged the sharing of best practices, taught me how to plan strategically, how to train members of my team and how (and what) to delegate.

Rachael Dormer

Senior Consultant, White Label

Just Had My Biggest Month Ever - £37,335!

“Since we last met I have consistently been out on 5/6 client meetings each month – pitching and that fear is no longer an issue! AND I have just had my best month ever in recruitment! Doing 4 x deals for £37,335. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help!!”