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James Moorhouse
Director, ABN Resource

The Situation

James Moorhouse is an experienced recruiter who started his career in 2005, working with two different organisations where he gained knowledge in delivering both contingency and retained recruitment assignments.

In 2012 James saw a better way to serve the market and decided the logical way to do this was through launching his own recruitment business called ABN Resource, which he did in March of that year.

ABN Resource is global recruitment consultants to the downstream and midstream oil industry, specialising in retained search for hard-to-find talent in Executive, Sales, Operations and Technical positions. Though based in Leeds, 60% of the company’s revenue comes from overseas.

Though the business was doing ‘ok’, turning over £400k a year and was profitable, James was frustrated that the growth he wanted wasn’t happening as fast as he had anticipated; even though he had tried numerous strategies to scale.

He was also working 24/7 while delivering over 80% of the billings. Not ideal as a committed and engaged dad with two young children.

James is a driven and ambitious individual who wanted to bring his vision to life. It was then that James came across Centredexcellence and Katy Green and decided to book a Profit Accelerator call. During the conversation, James realised what he wanted to achieve was more than possible once he had the right ‘toolkit’.

James then joined Nicky and Katy’s RockIt programme as a vehicle to support him to deliver the following goals.

The Outcome James Wanted:

  • To scale the business and achieve a growth goal of a £2.5 million turnover by 2021.
  • To create business systems which meant the team at ABN Resource could work more effectively and profitably.
  • To increase his leadership capability.
  • To gain more time to be the father and husband he wanted to be for his family.

Final Words from James About Centred Excellence and RockIT

“To commit is the thing. You’ve got to commit to it. The tools are out there to either listen to or learn about, or they are probably in there already but need to be coaxed out by having someone asking you the right questions and then commit and implement.

It takes time, it gets you out of your comfort zone, it can feel a bit scary but once you have elevated out of where you usually operate that is where all the good stuff sits, and that is where it all happens. Commit to doing it, embrace the scariness and good things genuinely do await people that will commit, take action and follow a process.

We attribute a lot of our success down to the learnings that we got from Katy and Nicky and the team at Centredexcellence.

It has been invaluable in terms of the difference you have brought into my own life and my company’s growth.”

Listen to what James Moorhouse has to say:

Implementation and Results

James is an avid learner and exceptional action taker which has enabled him to deliver the following results.

  • Committed to time learning and keeping a positive mindset as the foundation for growth.
  • Implemented the Centredexcellence Success Formula daily.
  • Spends 10 minutes at the start of each day getting his ‘headspace’ right to enable focussed actions.
  • Revisited the ABN mission, values and vision ethos and consequently scaled back the team to James and his business partner James Leigh.
  • Completed a full data analysis of ABN’s trading history to identify the best companies who paid the best fees and on time and were privately owned SMEs.
  • Identified that the two largest accounts were the least profitable yet swallowed up the most time: James and James cut ties with both organisations.
  • Using a data-driven approach, James and James identified their ideal client and candidate avatar.
  • James and James then analysed the critical functions in the recruitment process and people required in the business.
  • Psychometric assessments were used in the recruiting process which helped identify the ‘right’ people for the roles; many of which weren’t recruiters.
  • ABN then moved away from the 360 recruiting and created a model based around research, market mapping, candidate assessment, delivery and business development.
  • Changing the recruiting model has resulted in the ABN team generating 50% more opportunities.
  • They have mapped out the entire business process aligned to KPI markers around predictable revenue flow. By using a logical process like this the team were ‘bought in’ to how their workflow and activities contributed to the ABN system and how consistent results could be achieved month on month.
  • Maintained a ruthless focus on committed implementation through accountability and connecting with other members of the RockIT programme.
  • Produced 50% more revenue within 12 months.
  • Increased the average deal size by charging a 10% higher fee working on more significant roles has resulted in ABN making 26% higher fees than the preceding year
  • Achieved a 70% market share in one specific market sector in the UK by giving exceptional customer focus.
  • Delivered a 97% fill rate on roles over the last two years.
  • On track to achieve £750k turnover by the end of 2019 and deliver £2.5 million by 2021.

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