Over the last few blogposts I have given you a brief insight into a passion of mine; psychology and how it can help anyone, including you and your recruitment consultants to achieve peak performance.


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“How Fit Your Recruitment Business Is For Growth… 


I want to delve deeper into a subject I am constantly quizzed about, especially by recruiting managers who want to expand their teams and get them performing at a consistently high level; fast. Guessed what it is? Motivation.




There are a number of different ways that are guaranteed to work when it comes to motivating your billing teams.  You will find 7 motivation strategies here. Today I want to cover some amazing facts that I would suggest you read in detail and then take massive action on. Quite literally they could change your growth trajectory forever.


The Famous 16- Key Factors That Influence Our Attitude To Work And How Well We Perform


Professor Fredrick Herzberg was an American psychologist who was responsible for introducing the the famous 16. These are the key factors which influence people’s attitude to work.







Free Business Checkup Reveals…

“How Fit Your Recruitment Business Is For Growth… 


Might all seem quite logical and a no brainer to have in place yet I still see recruitment companies who ignore these basic factors and then wonder why they can’t retain staff.

People need; recognition, growth, advancement, the ability to achieve. Company policies, work conditions, status and security will also influence people’s motivation levels. These are often called hygiene factors.

Let me give you a couple of practical examples from recruitment companies I know.

Having any ah ha moments?

Let me explain. A few months ago I popped in to see a recruitment business owner who in theory potentially has a great business. It is a growing sector with a massive opportunity. The challenge? She couldn’t keep staff. There were plenty of clues that gave it away.


The ‘office’ was situated in a less than wonderful part of London. I appreciate space is always limited and the ‘office’ was actually a very, very, small room with 5 recruiters crammed in. The business owner was sitting next to one of the consultants and watching his every move.

Motivation factor – 0    Hygiene -1


Let me give you a different example to show you what is possible.


I am currently working with a client, he is an independent recruiter. Earlier this year he took the bold step to stop sharing a cramped office in an incubation set up, to realise his goals of building his own recruitment company.


He moved office in March this year. A couple of months later he employed his first trainee recruiter. At the same time he has had his highest ever two months of billing. 

And I nearly forgot, next month two more team members will be joining him. From Independent recruiter to a four man business in less than 18 months. Coincidence? Not really when you look at Professor Hertzberg’s information about what motivates us in our work environment.

Take away lessons?

  • Hygiene factors relate to the working environment; ignore them at your peril-think
    office environment, location, software, tools
  • Give recognition for a job well done and say thank you
  • Motivators relate to personal factors- key factors that billing manages must utilise
  • Your recruiters want responsibility give it through delegation


Interesting isn’t it? All our training programmes at Centredexcellence are developed through a sound, psychological and evidence base of what is proven to work..  If you want to scale your recruitment organisation we can help. It starts by arranging a call with one of us here. 


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