Effective meetings with your billing team are an under utilised performance improvement strategy in many recruitment companies.

Depending on your start time, many consultants and managers rush in, grab a coffee and then start work; often picking up the ‘things’ that didn’t get finished the day before.

Some days that is fine, however; if it goes on for days and days without a ‘sales get together’ you are missing a huge opportunity to inspire your team to even greater success.

The premise of a meeting like this is to improve performance, specifically sales performance. Whether that is bringing in more placeable candidates to work with your company exclusively, or selling your recruitment service to a high quality client who appreciates what you can deliver.

From your perspective as a billing manager you can get a sense check of what is happening and who is soaring and who is struggling in your team.

Here are the top line answers to questions I am often asked about how to start.


How often?

This will depend on your team its size and the general company culture that you want to create. One manager I know runs a great meeting with a ‘small’ 10 minute meeting every day. It’s upbeat and energetic. His team is small and the culture is ‘family like’ so this works perfectly.

Another organisation meets once a month in a more formal setting, with presentations and reviews. Skills training takes place and individuals will give a 10 minute presentation on recent successes, the director is often there and it’s used as an opportunity to celebrate success.

There are no rules to follow here. It depends on what works for you and your team. If you are adding new consultants into your company, which many of you are, the more frequent the meetings are the better.

Remember: Gen Y want to feel included and part of a team, and running billing team/sales meetings like this is a great way for them to feel included and involved.


What do successful meetings include?

This will come back to your outcome in running the meeting in the first place. The meeting objective will always be to prepare and help your recruiters to make more placements. Period.

In other industries, all too often most meetings turn into boring lectures and include little practical help or motivation strategies and dare I say it…………………….fun. Here are some effective meeting strategies that work well and can be used in future meetings.


Create a meeting agenda

For a successful meeting, consistency is key. Remember as a billing manager you are a mirror for your other team members. If they see you demonstrating certain behaviours they will too.

If they know the flow of the meeting, they can prepare ahead of time and potentially also add points for further discussion, and it also helps to avoid unproductive meetings.


Start on a high

It is a well-known fact that positive energy in itself boosts morale, and creates and buzz and an upbeat work environment. Happy people are more productive. No matter how competitive your team are everyone likes to see people doing well. Share the latest successes both big and small.

It’s a great opportunity to include your new starters. Everyone has to start somewhere even if it’s the fact that John or Jane has uncovered a new placeable candidate no one knew about.

Make a fuss about it and then don’t be surprised to see positive successes like this starting to pop all over the team.


Fast Start Training

The meeting gives you a great opportunity to challenge and stretch the team with input on a new technique. That might be on a LinkedIn connection strategy or a new way to open up a call with a prospective client. This activity is about ongoing development (remember Gen Y’s love this).


Focus of the Day/Week/Month

Every recruitment company has goals to achieve and these must be communicated along with your vision to the team. What better way to update everyone than at a meeting.

It’s not uncommon that at the start of the year the original plan was communicated and then somehow gets put on the back boiler. Keeping meeting participants updated on how everything is progressing has a double benefit; it keeps the momentum going by keeping you on your toes and often enables a plan to actually happen.


Next steps?

If you don’t have a regular meeting. Instigate one as soon as possible. Get the team involved. To avoid ineffective meetings, set an agenda and be consistent. If you think every day is too much don’t do it; build up to that. My suggestion is start with once a week and set a specific meeting time. The earlier on the week is better so you can ‘feed’ on the momentum it brings.

For more productive meetings, implement these strategies in your next meeting and let me know how you get on with.


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