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Get To Know The Team

Nicky Coffin founded Centred Excellence in 2009 and Katy joined as Nicky’s business partner in 2016.  By combining their knowledge, expertise and 35+ years experience of building 7 and 8 figure recruitment businesses, Katy and Nicky make a great team. The balance of Nicky’s coaching approach and Katie’s: direct, ‘do this’ approach really works well together.


Nicky Coffin

Nicky is founder and MD of Centred Excellence.  A visionary, business leader and entrepreneur, Nicky has over 18 years experience as a highly regarded mentor, consultant, strategic planner and coach to entrepreneurial individuals and groups.

Working with specialist recruitment companies in the UK, Europe and Ireland, Nicky helps Recruitment Business Owners and Senior Managers to get significant shifts in their results (50% - 250% increase with most companies within 6 – 12 months) through strategic coaching, leadership and management training and performance coaching.

Nicky is also skilled Master Practitioner in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and psychotherapist and works with clients to affect personal change that significantly increases their impact, results and motivation.

Throughout her career, as well as being an ex-international rugby player, Nicky has managed and grown large recruitment teams as well as remaining heavily involved in hands-on recruiting both contingency & executive search.  Nicky has first hand experience of exactly what it’s like and how demanding it is to build and scale a recruitment business from scratch.


Katy Green

Katy joined Nicky as her business partner in 2016, bringing a wealth of experience, a proven track record and significant knowledge of growing an 8 figure recruitment business and team.

With over 15 years’ experience of consistently delivering exceptional results in the recruitment sector, Katy worked her way from a consultant to MD of Aspire Digital Recruitment.

Recruiting is Katy’s passion and life. Unlike many of her colleagues she chose recruitment as her career and got her first placement whilst back packing round Asia! Amongst the scope of credentials in her armour she has:

  • Lived and learned through 2 recessions and gained the answers to weather any storm
  • Launched into multiple new sectors and built number one brands in their field
  • Managed outsourced solutions and alternative recruitment offerings outside of contingency and retained
  • Have expertise in both contract and perm recruitment solutions
  • Developed teams of highly successful managers from billing consultants
  • Cultivated outstanding billing teams in 13 different sectors
  • Managed an operation of 70 fee earners and a multi million turnover
  • Have International recruitment expertise

Katy’s purpose is three fold:

  1. To assist recruitment organisations to achieve significant and consistent financial growth.
  2. To be the conduit between a business and the success of their people: I enable all my clients to amplify their best traits.
  3. To help companies acquire and develop innovative new skills and improve their billing capability, which consequently expands their competence to master complex recruitment growth challenges.

Katy lives a balanced life, helped in part by her obsession with learning and development (Katy is also a master-practitioner of N.L.P.) and her mastery (ongoing!) of Yoga.

Lucy Parkes

Lucy Parkes

Lucy is a dynamic leader with over 11 years of recruitment experience. She grew a multi-million pound division from scratch. Leading a team of 15 recruiters consisting of consultants and managers, across temporary and permanent. She has trained and developed graduates through to senior managers.

Lucy has enjoyed the success and challenge of being a billing manager, winning top PSLs, leading fee negotiation, launching into new markets and winning new clients. Lucy relishes the opportunity to work in candidate short marketplaces, and was a business leader in developing candidate acquisition strategies. Lucy’s passion and eye for detail meant she also led CRM integration across a multi-office business. Lucy has a diploma in NLP and thought provoking coaching style.

When Lucy isn’t working for Centred Excellence, she is negotiating with her two young children, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and listening to a podcast!

Penny Delve

Penny Delve-Jones

Penny is a gregarious individual who has 18 years of recruitment experience and knowledge. She was always a top performer, smashing targets and billing consistently over £300K year to year. She recruited permanent executive level positions up to MD level, with a focus on Financial Services across London, Paris and Frankfurt. Penny always had a holistic approach and knew how to build extraordinary relationships that made her stand out from her competitors.

After her second child was born, Penny set up her own successful recruitment business and ran this for five years before transitioning into Coaching. She has a passion for empowering others, unlocking their potential and super charging their mindset so they can become unstoppable. Her coaching training has been very holistic, firstly studying with a leading US coaching firm in Health and Life Coaching, followed by courses in Leadership Coaching, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy. Penny is also DISC Certified.

Penny knows that investing in yourself makes a difference and she is committed to every single person she works with, serving and giving value is her number 1 priority.

Outside of work Penny is passionate about wellbeing, dog walking, interior design and paddle boarding.


Theresa Durrant

Theresa started her recruitment career in 2008, when she and her husband set up their own IT recruitment business. Theresa has worked in every department within the recruitment business, from business development and resourcing to finance and operations. As her business has grown, she has had the opportunity of focusing on the parts of the business she enjoys, such as internal development and training of the sales team. This lead her to become a NLP Master Practitioner. Together with her previous Sales training and Management & Leadership training, she has a very rounded picture of what it takes for a business and business owners to succeed in today's modern world.

Theresa now spends much of her time coaching internally and externally. Her passion is for helping other recruitment business owners to unlock their potential, and as someone who has built up a business from scratch, she truly understands the pain points around growing a business, whilst working in the business.

Her purpose is to help people follow their passion and live their very best life.

Theresa takes a very holistic approach to life - mind and body very much being a part of that. When she isn't running a business or coaching, she's running around lakes or mountains.

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