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RockIT Your Recruitment Business:
The 5 Secrets that drive a 7 & 8 Figure Recruitment Business.

Every day, our programmes help get hundreds of recruitment business owners, directors and managers focused, re-energized, and back on track.

All that we’ve learned over the last 9 years has evolved into a complete, proven support system to help you transform your business and achieve new levels of freedom and success.

We offer 2 performance development, training and coaching programmes, each one designed to increase results by 50% -250%, whilst bringing your balance, freedom and a top performing business!

Recruitment Business LaunchPad

During this event for Recruitment Business Owners and Directors, we focus on four main areas and teaching principles...

  1. Creating Your Step-by-Step Game Plan
  2. Business Mindset Mastery
  3. Getting ‘In Flow’ & Reconnecting With Your Mojo!
  4. How To Scale – With Balance

Amongst other things, by the time you leave the 2 day event you’ll be equipped with new skills, tactics and a step-by-step plan of how to x3 scale your business in the next 12 months or less, you’ll have smashed through any limiting beliefs or self-sabotage patterns holding you back and you’ll have streamlined and simplified your role, so you have more balance in your world…

Become a Great Recruitment Manager

Managing is one of the hardest roles you can undertake, balancing your billings whilst building self-motivated performing teams is a real art. The truth is many people struggle with this. When you are billing and managing, you’re flooded with a whole host of other responsibilities – where do you start?

This is where we can help you, Centred Excellence have developed a cutting edge programme that shows you the step by step structures, skills and techniques to get your team self-motivated and billing more, giving you the freedom to work on your own desk and the reassurance of knowing where next month’s billings are coming from.

Clients Results

"How nick turned his business round from 12% fees, negative cash flow and high stress levels to 40% growth, 22% retained fees and consistent billings month in month out in 6 months."

Nick Eva

Director, WasteRecruit

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"How emma increased her results by 94%, her fees by 88% and net profit by 40%, but more importantly how she created more balance and control in her business giving her more time to spend with her young family."

Emma Warren

Founder , Elite Staffing Solutions

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"How james transformed his business from doing 80% of the billings himself to a team model with a 10% increase in fees, filling 97% jobs, 50% more revenue and 70% market share in 12 months"

James Moorhouse

Director, ABN Resource

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