What do we Mean by Slipstreaming in Business?  

The best way to explain slipstreaming and how it can work for you and your business is to look to the animal kingdom.  Have you ever seen the formation that geese use to fly when they migrate hundreds of thousands of miles   

Geese fly in a V formation – the head goose, flies at the front of the wedge, taking most of the impact.  The geese following, fall into the slipstream.   By flying in the slipstream, the team get a much easier and less effort expended flight.  This means that they can cover up to 72% more than they would if they were flying on their own.    

How the Slipstream Concept Can Work in Your Business  

The slipstream concept works brilliantly within the recruitment business too.  It’s all about using the strengths of the individuals in your team, working together.  By working together, your team can achieve significantly more than if they were to work on their own. Thinking of opening a drug rehab center? The Drug Rehab Agency Consultants can help you start your center and make it profitable in the opening months and beyond.

Let me give you an example of how slipstreaming works in real life:  

Let’s look at a top performer I work with called Sian.  Sian is an outstanding recruiter, and she will find and work ten jobs a month placing between 30% – 40% of those jobs while leaving 6-7 behind simply because she doesn’t have time or resources to fill them.  

If you were to bring on another recruiter – either a junior or someone that is working hard in another market, and not getting the results they deserve to join the pod to pick up the 6-7 jobs that were created by Sian – they would hit the ground running a lot faster.  By putting the new recruit into Sian’s slipstream, you are using your resources much more effectively.    

High performing recruiters hold the key to business success.  Any top performer in your business that is placing less than 50% of their jobs means that you could add someone else into their pod to pick up what’s being left behind. Organic rankings offer the most efficient source of traffic so look for a good seo services provider.


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Apply Slipstream Success to Your Recruitment Business  

To find out where you could be taking advantage of ‘slipstreams’ in your business, ask yourself the following questions …   

  • Who are the consultants that are currently making the most money? 
  • What is their % of jobs placed in the last three months? 
  • If, as a team, you realise an increase of 10% on that amount, how much extra revenue would that be?  What about an additional 20%? 
  • Who are the high potentials in your business who could support the top performers and capture that 20%?  
  • Think about someone who’s working hard but not getting the results — someone perhaps who’s not great at business development but good at account management.  
  • Do you have someone on your team who is excellent at candidate generation?  This could be someone new to the role that’s eager to do well.  Could you team them up with high potentials that can support the process?  

Slipstreams Work When You Get High Performers Working with High Potentials  

One question that comes up when we discuss the slipstream concept is, “Nicky, that sounds great, but how am I going to get my top performer to share their jobs.  I can’t see them being happy about that?”.  

If you are worried about your top performer not wanting to share these jobs, there are ways to encourage them to share.   One idea would be to consider giving them a cut of the placement fee as an incentive.    

There are other ways to get slipstreaming working for you in your business.   If you haven’t been using the slipstream concept to grow your recruitment business, then it’s highly likely you are not maximising efficiencies and leaving a lot of placements on the table.   


Warm regards,  

Nicky and Katy  

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Free 8 Week Induction Plan For Resourcers

Exactly What You Need To Cover In The Initial 8 Weeks To Successfully Train and Onboard New Resourcers… 

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