Let’s be frank about it. The only way you will scale the growth of your recruitment company is by placing more candidates with more clients. 

How do you do that-consistently? 

Of course, being in a growth sector makes life easier. 

Getting your head sorted out is pretty significant too as is an obsessive focus on marketing. 

There is one other crucial part of the puzzle though, and that is having high performers on your team. 

All sounds simple, doesn’t it?  It isn’t; both Katy and I know that, and I suspect so do you, or you wouldn’t have been drawn to this article. 


Let’s Start At The Beginning 


A computer geek friend of mine always quotes the phrase that goes along the lines of, rubbish data in equals rubbish data out. 

I hate to say it, and this scenario plays out when you are recruiting your own talent too. Considering this what are the traits to look out for when you are looking for talent? 


Attitude Is Everything 

Look out for… “can I have a go at that?” … rather than….. ‘yes but!’ 

Attitude really is everything, and a positive mindset and attitude are easy to spot too. 

These people are more ‘upbeat’ they even smile. You ask them to do something, and they jump on it. They will easily be able to give you examples of their work or personal life without stumbling or stuttering over their words. Hiring on attitude is becoming a major gamechanger. 


They Are Goal Orientated 

This might mean physically or mentally. Not everyone who is a high performer is at the gym every day. I have a friend who is at the top of her game. She doesn’t run or visit the gym. However, she now has two degrees and is in the middle of writing a book. 

Look out for examples of people who set goals. They will be proud of them too and very willing to share what is important to them. 



They Are Great Communicators 

A high performer in a commercial recruiting environment must be an excellent communicator. People and their careers are the core of our business after all. 

Having excellent communication skills in the workplace is all about being able to convey information to people clearly and naturally, in a way that means things are understood and get done; no drama, no pouting, no… it’s all about me. 

Excellent communication is about emotional intelligence too. High performers can understand and manage their own emotions and IMPORTANTLY have the ability to understand what is going on with other people they interact with. 

The client that is dragging their heels on signing your T’s and C’s or the candidate who on the surface is self-confident yet underneath is a bag of nerves. 

They understand what is going on and takes steps to handle the situation they are in. 


JFDI Ninjas 

Both Katy and I have a LOT of experience managing recruiters, and consequently, we notice their patterns. 

High performers do literally get on with it. Give them a tough challenge, and after a couple of clarification questions, they are onto it. They know it’s down to their behaviour and attitude to get ‘it’ done. No moaning… oh and they take responsibility for what happens too. 


Every day Is A School Day For Them 



They love, love, love, to learn. These are the people that read books because they want to not because they are told to. 

They have a thirst for knowledge and are coachable. They are the ones that stay behind to ‘pick ‘your knowledge’. They go to networking events or attend webinars on their own time and then share with you what they learnt. 


What Next? 

Spotting high performers is crucial to a recruitment companies growth. So much so we have a couple of modules in our programmes based around this. If you would like to find out more get in touch here. 


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