There is a well knowing saying that people grow organisations not the product or service that they deliver; sounds plausible, doesn’t it?

I would like to take this one level deeper and make the distinction that it’s great leaders that start the whole process of driving revenues and especially in recruitment.

Look at our current economy, and there are very few organisations knocking it out of the park that doesn’t have a great leader at the helm.

Considering this fact, are you leading the change in your organisation by ‘being’ the leader you are meant to be?



John Adams, the 6th president of the United States, uttered this famous quote, which for me sums up leadership and this whole concept of ‘being the change’ that will then enable you to lead others.

There are certain key skills to master and ways to think and act that makes a huge difference to your results.  The good news is that you can also inspire others to step up and lead in your own organisations too; it’s not about you are working yourself to death either, in fact, it’s the opposite.

As you constantly strive to help your team perform at their peak, it’s important to carry out your own leadership health check, if you truly want to be the catalyst for change in your company how do your own skills and abilities stack up in our changing business world now being delivered by a different workforce? Here are a few important qualities to consider.


Integrity, Authenticity and Transparency



Only a few short years ago these three close partners might not have even made into the list. How times have changed along with our employees.

Recruitment is a sector dominated by Millennials being followed rapidly on their heels by Gen Z. Both groups have a totally different perception of leadership than previous generations.

Our employees are a direct reflection of the values we demonstrate as leaders. If we play old school (let’s be right rather than do what’s right), then we will lose our best recruiters to an organisation that goes full out on the honesty agenda.

Truth: Focus on becoming an authentic leader in everything you say and do and your business and culture will shift in a positive direction, and the rest takes care of itself.



Though many people tell me they ‘fell’ into recruitment to lead, a great recruitment team you must have a passion for what you do.

Rekindling a passion for what you do or stoking an already burning fire is easier than most people realise.

Think it through; consider the impact you have on people lives.

John who you placed in a role 10 years ago, is now a senior leader in an organisation where he has helped to fuel their growth. Since you met him the company has expanded and taken on 3,000 employees. Think how that one placement has impacted potentially so many individuals.

One thing both Katy and I know we feel passionate about serving the recruitment market because of the bigger impact it has on employees and organisations across the globe.





Fast on the heels of passion comes patience. Though your enthusiasm and passion know no bounds what about when the s*** hits the fan, or that new PSL you built in the last six months goes out the window, how do you hold it together then?

I was at a business event some time ago, and someone talked about the law of gestation being relevant in business too; I had to agree.

All things need time to grow and develop scaling a business is no different either. If you have big goals, it is going to take time, work and a well-executed plan.

Sometimes things aren’t going to work; your best biller will go off the rails, things won’t happen as fast as you want. This is when you must dig deep, trust the process and keep the faith.

These  areas are all vital attributes of today’s recruitment leader. Our new programme RockIT has been designed to cover how to develop these abilities and much more; it’s for serious owners who want to scale and grow. If you want to know more send an email here and put  Rockit in the subject line.

Warm regards,


Nicky and Katy

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