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Today I thought it would be really useful to share with you 3 traits or if you like mindsets that really inspirational and successful managers have that gives them and their team great results.


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One of the things that ask participants to do at the beginning of each management training programme, is to describe the best managers that they’ve ever had and what was about that manager that made him or her so good.

Now the stories that come out of this are really inspiring and also quite poignant, often people remembering things about managers that have happened years ago.

They describe managers who were fair and tough, encouraging, disciplined, great teachers, great listeners those who made empowered and motivated others to get really good results, but unfortunately there’s also participants who talk about managers who are less motivating, who really had some negative effects on them too.

There are certain traits or mindsets that top performing managers have that make a difference between being great manager or not. Here are 3 of the key ones:

1. “What would happen if you treated your team as if they were your clients? “

Now, when I a new manager I was told about the first mindset, it had the most fundamental change and effect on me and my team. It totally changed everything for me as a new manager, the way I thought and behaved towards my team and it had created really positive effects instantly.
It’s a very simple mindset and it’s this question – “What would happen if you treated your team as if they were your clients? “

So your team now take the place of your clients. Imagine how would you behave differently with them.

I bet you’d be more patient, you’d respect them more, you’d spend better quality time with them. Would you talk to them differently? I bet you’d never cancel a meeting with them? You’d make sure you delivered on your promises, setting a clear agenda with them. Imagine what it would be like working for you as a manager when you treated your team as your clients. How would that be for them and for you?

I found that the results were instant – as soon as I had made that mindset change – everything else changed. I think one of the reasons it had such a significant impact for me was when I thought about the mindset factually, it really was true, because as a manager, my team were now the people who were making me money and collectively they would be able to achieve far more together than I ever could on my own, so it made sense to treat them as my client. So, if you are ever in doubt about what you should be doing as a manager with your team or an individual within your team, imagine and ask yourself, if this were my client how would I react – what would I be doing now?

2. Leave you ego at home

So, the second mindset that top performing managers have is that they leave their ego at the door. What I mean about this is that normally managers have been really successful recruiters in their own right, which means that they are used to being top dog in the team. That’s fine as a recruiter, but as soon as you step into management, you need to understand that you will get the best results from your team when it’s not about you any more, it is about them. When you empower them to step up and achieve and recognise their achievements first and foremost, you will be given something far more rewarding.

There is nothing better than seeing someone that you have trained and supported become really successful. Their successes become yours. Knowing that you have helped them to create their success.

It’s what Stephen covey calls a servant leader. You find out how you need be with them to serve them get the best results, and when you do this amazing things will start to happen. Helping them to become the best that they can be will be a win-win all round – their results and placements becomes your new high!


Free 8 Week Induction Plan For Resourcers

Exactly What You Need To Cover In The Initial 8 Weeks To Successfully Train and Onboard New Resourcers… 

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3. Focus on your self mastery

So the third mindset that top performing managers have is what we call self-mastery. This is where you are always aspiring to make yourself better, always striving to learn how else you can be the best that you can be and knowing that you never stop learning and progressing.

When you live by the rule to always be better, you will be leading by example which will mean that you’ll empower your consultants to be their best too and help them to learn from their experiences and their mistakes. Be the change you want to see and if this is what you are championing for yourself and also your team, you will achieve really great results.

So there you have it, 3 mindsets that top performing recruitment managers have:

I hope you found this article useful.

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