Over the past few posts, Katy and I have revealed the super strategies of high performing recruitment managers and their organisations. 

Today we want to share a specific strategy related to your team, and their many hidden strengths that, when co-ordinated will skyrocket your results. 

It’s known as the slipstream, and it’s incredibly powerful. 

According to Dictionary.com and Google a slipstream is defined as; 


an assisting force regarded as drawing something along behind something else. 

“when the US economy booms, the rest of the world is pulled along in the slipstream. 


Let’s ignore the bit about the United States economy and focus on the pulling along aspect! Ironically over Christmas, I saw many classic examples of this as I watched a local flock of Geese close to where we were staying. 



When Geese fly they use a V formation that enables them to migrate literally thousands of miles, and this is referred to as flying in a slipstream. 

A quick nature lesson for you. When Geese fly, the head goose takes most of the impact, which means that those following fall into the slipstream and get much easier flights and don’t have to expend anywhere near the same amount of energy due to the ergonomics; like riding behind someone when you are cycling. 

The astounding upside of this is that the Geese can cover up to 72% more than they would if they were flying on their own!! 

I know it’s hard to get your head around it. What is even more amazing is that this concept works brilliantly within your business too. 

How come ? It’s all about using the strengths of the individuals in your team working together.  

By working as a cohesive unit your consultants and resourcers can achieve significantly more than if they were to work on their own, and this is where your high performing recruiters hold the key to your business success. 



What do I Mean BThat? 

Really? Yep and Katy and I see the results of this strategy working on a daily basis. 

Here is how it works. 

Let’s look at a top performer I know called Sian, she is an outstanding recruiter, and she will find and work 10 jobs a month placing up to 40% of those jobs and leaving 6-7 behind simply because they (her team and company) don’t have either the time or resource to fill them. 

Imagine then if you were Sian’s manager, and you put another recruiter – either a junior or someone that is working hard in another market and not getting the results they deserve- to work with Sian and to pick up the 6-7 jobs that were created by Sian that she hasn’t got time to place– they would hit the ground running a lot faster and you are using resources efficiently to deliver more profit to your bottom line. 




Any high performer in your business that is placing less than 50% of their jobs means that you could add someone to work alongside them to pick up what’s being left behind. 

So, Katy and I encourage you to ask yourself: 

  • Who are the consultants that are currently making the most money? 
  • What is their percentage of jobs placed in the last 3 months? 

If, as a team, they realize an increase of 10% on that amount how much extra revenue would that be; what about an additional 20%? 

Do you see how this ONE strategy alone could turn your billing revenue around? 

Think about it; who has the high potential in your business? who could support your top performers and capture that 20%?  

Think about someone who’s working hard but not getting the results. Someone perhaps who’s not great at business development but good at account management? 

Or someone that is great at candidate generation.  This could even be someone new to the role that’s eager to do well and then team them up with top performers to help support the process. 

The good news is that you have endless options. Want to know how well this could work? Then have a look at all our success stories here. 



Before you go, have you downloaded our new report to help your consultants convert more clients? You can download it here. 

Warm regards 

Nicky and Katy 

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