In our last blog, we started the conversation about becoming a business builder rather than a super biller. The results of shifting to this process for growth changed both Katy’s and my business results. 

Today I want to continue the story and share your next steps. 

I realised that I only knew one way to grow the business, which was to sell more. Sarah helped me realise that this tactic was only going to take me so far and what I had to do was to step back from the business to up-skill myself and invest my time and energy in mastering how to build a business and grow the team.  

I will not tell you it was plain sailing from there because it was not. I had to change and go through many uncomfortable moments to step up because it was all outside my comfort zone, and that was hard.  

Yet I remember sitting down with our accountant a year later, looking at a 400k net profit increase.

A fantastic result, and the main thing was I felt in control. Finally, I felt in control, and the results had all come from my team. I had stepped back from billing, and they had stepped up.  

That was the moment I realised all those years I had clung to the sales role; I was far more valuable in the business as a builder of systems and driving the results through my team than I was as a salesperson. I remember saying a private prayer of thank you to Sarah that she had reached out to me, stood by me, and made me make that shift to become a business builder because I can tell you now, if she had not, I would not be here speaking to you now.  



This process all starts with deciding: Do I want to be a Recruitment Business Owner who builds systems to do the work, or do I want to be a Recruitment Business Owner who does the work myself?

It is fine if you want to do all the work yourself. But know this, the reason this decision is critical is it will be the difference between becoming financially free; and critically being able to go on holiday without looking at your emails or being present with your family and friends, being able to sleep at night or being trapped in a business that is reliant on you being there 24/7. 

I suspect the light is dawning for you as I share this. 

There is a reason some people build multimillion companies quickly – and why others struggle to grow beyond ten people. 

A systems builder restructures the system so that energy inputs come from your team, machines, and customers, not you and your first-hand efforts. 

When you become a systems builder – your output is disproportionately bigger than your input. You can input a one and get out a 10 or 100. 


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If you stay stuck in the business operator mindset, your output is disproportionately smaller than your input when you do the work yourself. You can input a ten and get out a one or worse still zero!  

This is why some people are multimillionaires, and others are paid less than they pay some of their team, yet both have the same number of hours in a day. It is called leverage.   

Boiled down to its essence, this is what building a recruitment business is all about. 

Building systems that produce MORE with LESS. 

You will be rich if you understand this concept and take it to heart. If you fail to understand this concept and dismiss it, you will be a slave to your business forever.  


Simple Systems To Build and Scale 


So, what systems do you need? Each system has four machines, and as a recruitment company collaborates with candidates AND clients, you need two systems let me explain. 

First, let us talk about the machines. 

  1. Attraction Machine that generates leads for jobs and candidates 
  2. Conversion that converts leads to buying customers
  3. Delivery that delivers on the service offering
  4. Economic Machine – makes sure you get paid, your back office & compliance

The process revolves around building these four machines for both candidates and clients. We see that most businesses will have one of these machines built well and the other machines that are not. 

This causes problems because you will be able to generate a flow of jobs but not have the flow of candidates to deliver on these jobs. 

Or you will have a talented team good at filling the jobs, but you have not got a flow of the right ones coming in; so, this causes peaks and troughs on results or blocks in the flow of placements. 

If any one of these machines is not working – it will affect the entire system. 

When you have these machines working like a well-oiled machine, it is then just a matter of optimising their output to scale. 


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How One Client Made This Work 

I remember meeting one of our clients, Ian Woodthorpe from Gapp. He had a contingency tax and audit recruitment business with an amazing delivery model. Yet, there are not enough jobs or new clients coming to get consistent placements and scale their business.  

When we started working together, they fixed their attraction and conversion machine, and within 18 months, they doubled their turnover twice moved from spot continency work to large, retained projects with blue-chip companies.  

So, the bottom line is that as you scale your business, you need to decide to become a systems builder and restructure the system so that energy inputs come from your team, these four machines, and customers, not you and your first-hand efforts. 

This system works, so the next step is shifting your mindset to act, which we will share next time. 


Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 


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