To grow consistently, recruitment organisations need a constant supply of both client and candidate leads.

Not just any clients or candidates either, but those individuals that are identified as clients and candidates that meet your avatar profile.

You already know the importance of having criteria for your ideal consultants. If you aren’t already, it’s time to apply the same principles to your candidates and clients. The result being, you generate clients that bring you the best jobs and the high quality candidates to fill them.


The good news

The good news is that we now live in a very different world where, at the touch of a button or click of a mouse, we can be found online and position ourselves as the recruitment company of choice.

The recruitment organisations we work with have a honed marketing system that includes using multiple channels to attract ‘leads’ consistently.

Inbound marketing will be key to your growth both now and in the future and in addition there is an untapped resource under your nose that many recruiters aren’t using.

The title of this post gives it away and its Facebook. And in the context of today we are talking about paid advertising.

The online advertising space has changed dramatically in the last three years as technology now allow us to target our adverts down to age, sex, location, interests and even income depending on where you live in the world.

Is your mind spinning with possibility?

Your recruitment marketing goals can now be achieved using strategically placed Facebook adverts.

Here are a few things it can do for you:

  • Generate increased knowledge and brand awareness of your recruiting service and how you can help both candidates and clients to its 1.4 billion monthly users
  • Have your vacancies appearing in front of your exact ideal candidate or client as defined by you
  • Get people into your marketing and sales funnels
  • Create compelling call to actions that make your phone ring


So if you are still wondering if Facebook can bring you leads? Here’s a quick way to get started.



Grab your Facebook page

It still surprises me that some recruitment organisations still don’t have a Facebook page. If that’s you, take action as soon as you have finished reading this post.

Click the link here for a step by step guide. Like your LinkedIn company page your business Facebook page can also appear on the first page of Google. This sends a message to your target audience about your brand presence and also to Google by giving them a social signal that you are a player in the market.

The page allows you to connect with all your followers at once and share your own content, other content you find on the web, interesting articles and relevant news updates.

The problem with your page though is that you’re limited to the people following you and the engaged people at that. If you’re posting to an audience of 500 people, then that’s it. Few people outside of this audience will see your content.


Start advertising

With Facebook advertising, you can target your ideal clients, candidates and potential new recruiters. You don’t have to have any prior connection to them, and with over 1.41 billion monthly users on Facebook, you can be certain your audience is there. Your ads can appear alongside their newsfeed or as sponsored content, depending on what you paid.

Your ads will appear to those meeting certain criteria that you set. For instance, if you’re trying to get interested candidates in a specific area, you can set your ads to appear to those with a certain town or city listed in their profile.


An example of how it might work

Let’s say you have landed a great role to fill for one of your clients. They are based in Leeds and it’s for a marketing role; you can start to set your advert up like the image below.

Here you advert is shown to both men and women in the 35-45 age group within a 40-mile radius of Leeds. You can hone down their interests on their profile to something specific. In this example we have chosen business and marketing.




This is one advert only; you can create multiple adverts targeting different age groups.

I was talking to a client recently who created a similar advert to this. Within 48 hours his consultant had an additional 24 targeted CVs. The role was filled and in the process a number of highly placeable candidates were identified that they are now representing exclusively.

Of course you will need compelling ad copy and a relevant image and a budget; all of which you are used to working with as a recruitment company anyway.

Ready to take action?


Warm regards




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