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How Engaged Are Your Recruitment Consultants?

Posted by Nicky Coffin

First it was lack of great candidates, then it was poor fees, the following year it was talent management and the latest question is engagement. What am I referring to? The big questions that are being asked in many recruitment organisations; think it doesn’t involve you as a recruitment business owner? Think again.


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Whenever a shift happens and the growth momentum takes place all the focus turns to our ‘employees’ and how we can maximise the contribution they make. A major concern in a sales driven environment like recruitment. Consultants that stop billing are the worst nightmare of many a new recruitment manager.

It is a well-known fact that employees grow organisations as long as they are; managed, lead, stretched and generally taken care. This is where great recruitment management skills come into play. A statistic often quoted is that 65%+ of employees that leave an organisation site their poor relationship with their line manager as a contributory factor. It makes sense then that if a manager can get it wrong there is a lot to be gained by getting it right; employee engagement is one major advantage and worth a fortune on your bottom line.

A recent survey facilitated by Netsurvey analysed responses from over 200,000 employees across the globe. For those of us that have the opportunity to observe organisations at all levels it wasn’t earth shattering.

  • The longer someone had been employed the less engaged they were
  • Senior managers are more engaged and the further down the food chain you go people aren’t; though this is often a surprise to directors in the organisation
  • Worst of all sales people i.e. think recruiters here, tended to have some of the lowest levels

Doom and gloom? Not quite. Many recruitment managers I know buck this trend and are a shining example of how to create an engaged billing team. Because it is the managers in an organisation that make the difference. So buckle up, this will need to be a major priority in how you work with your recruiter team over the next few years and beyond.


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Engagement isn’t rocket science for most managers. As long as you have the ultimate goal of setting your team up for success. What do successful teams need?

  • They need to know you are bothered
  • That they are supported when it matters
  • They need to be coached and challenged
  • They need a pat on the back and a kick up the …….. at the appropriate moment

The delightful truth is that not one of the suggestions I made is hard to implement. At the end of the day we are human beings with some intrinsic needs that, once met, enable us to be the brilliant successful creatures we are meant to be. Think of your own levels of engagement? How do you respond when a manager gives you the; time, direction and support you need?  I think I know the answer because we are all the same.

So what next? Your influencing and listening skills might need a brush up. You also might need to roll your sleeves up and show them how it ‘needs’ to be done.

Now here is the question is your billing team engaged?

Warm regards,


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