I was talking to a friend of mine recently who has decided to work with a new business mentor. I was surprised as he had been quite laid back over the past few years.

His business was stagnant. Though we had never discussed financials I knew there wasn’t any real growth. He admitted as much himself and said that his new mentor had challenged him about being comfortable.

An interesting phrase don’t you think when it comes to business; comfortable? Historically when you attended family events the ‘elders’ in the group often refer to being comfortable as a positive thing.


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In today’s business world being comfortable means something totally different and is a scary place to be, as my friend had finally appreciated.




Someone Is Taking Your Place

Let me explain what I mean.

While you might be doodling along and comfortable, another recruitment company in your sector is gearing up for expansion and growth.

They are embracing social media, investing in training and development, installing the latest recruitment software, attracting the best trainees on the market; all while taking your place as the dominate player in your sector.

Being comfortable isn’t in their vocabulary.

Here is the thing. The rapid pace of business growth we are experiencing on a global level means that if you are not expanding by definition you are retracting; why? Because everyone else is focused on growth, it’s the way our world works and develops through constant growth and expansion.

There is a wealth of data that supports this and role models we can all recognise. Success generally comes to those who step out boldly.

The likes of Branson, Jobs, Zuckerberg and our own James Caan make it look easy; though I haven’t asked them personally I have read their autobiographies and listened to interviews they have given.

The overriding commentary was that many a time they all found themselves in the ‘scary soup’, unsure as to whether this was the time they had finally lost everything.




Ask any recruitment business owner that it running a growing company how it is for them. It’s likely they haven’t been in their comfort zone for years. They have accepted that it is part of the process.

They want to do something with their life and are willing to do the work needed.


Free Business Checkup Reveals…

“How Fit Your Recruitment Business Is For Growth… 


Where can you start?

First of all by committing to finally taking action like my friend did. Then get moving and have a plan.


Do new things

All too often we get stuck in a rut that needs to be broken if we are serious about growth and pushing boundaries.

You can get mini experiences of change by literally doing ‘things’ differently, shake up those old patterns and see what happens.

Get up an hour earlier, go to that different café for lunch, and attend a webinar or networking event that you have always avoided before.


Get some support

I have shared many stories on this blog about my own business journey over the years. On each step of the journey I have been so far outside of my comfort zone you wouldn’t believe it.




An admission: Each time I did have a safety net in the form of a coach. They held my feet to the fire and gave me the ideas and suggestions that have kept me moving forward.

In literally a few short years it has enabled me to leave my role as a recruitment director to train as a coach. At first I had a handful of people going through my programmes its now hundreds.

The fact is it depends how much you want to grow and if it really is for you because it might not be. There are many highs and lows along the journey and a lot of fun to.

Are you ready to step out? If you are we are here to help. You can get in touch here.


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