Imagine your life one year from today.  What has to have happened – both personally and professionally for you to feel happy with your progress as you scale your recruitment business and your life  

Whatever your vision is for the coming year, we know, without a doubt, that it’s possible for you.    
Why can we be so certain?   

We have dozens and dozens of success stories from recruitment business owners who have doubled and tripled their business profits within twelve months.  

How Can You Create This Success for You and Your Recruitment Business in 2020? 

It all starts with getting clear on your 2020 Vision and Goals and creating a plan of how you will achieve it. 

Reflecting on The Year Past 

There are always golden insights and learnings to be had from our past experiences, so we want to begin with uncovering some real gems and getting clarity on what’s been working for you in the year past.  You also want to consider what’s not been working, what you want and what you want to say goodbye to for the coming year. 
What’s been working for you?  

  • What were your 3 biggest successes / achievements in 2019? 
  • How are you different now than you were 12 months ago?
  • What single achievement are you MOST proud of? 
  • What new skills or knowledge have you acquired? 
  • What amazing opportunities did you create? 

What’s not been working so well?  

  • What do you need to let go of or forgive yourself for that’s hanging over from this year? 
  • What do you wish you had done more of? 
  • What do you wish you had done less of? 
  • What sucked up your time this year? 
  • What / who held you back or lowered your energy? 


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Create Your Own Reality in 2020  

You are the creator of your own experience.  There is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have.   If you dream it, feel it as if it were happening now, then you can create it.  Your imagination is the key to manifesting the life you desire.   
What you imagine will become your belief.  Take some time to dream, to imagine how you’d love things to be. How would you love to spend your time? Where would you like to spend it, & with whom?   

  • What do you want? What would you love to create in the next 12 months?
  • What specifically would you like to have experienced by this time next year? 
  • How will you know you’ve got it? What will you see, hear & feel when you have it? 
  • What would you want if you knew you couldn’t fail?  
  • What would you want if you knew it was OK to fail? 
  • What would you want if you were guaranteed to get it?   

The Miracle Question 

Here’s one of my favourite questions, the Miracle Question.  This question is great if you’ve been telling yourself that you don’t know what you want, but …  

“If there were a miracle tonight, & when you woke up tomorrow, everything was exactly as you want it to be, how would you know a miracle had occurred? What would you see, what would you hear, what would you feel, what would you believe, what would you experience that would let you know a miracle had taken place?”  

2020 Planning Tool for Recruitment Business Owners 

We’ve just created a new tool for any recruitment business owner or director that is determined to make 2020 their best year they have ever had (no cost). 


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The Reflect, Refresh and Refocus Workbook  

We take you through a step-by-step process to help you get clarity, focus, energy and motivation for 2020.     

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  • Reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t worked this year – so you can make sure 2020 is your best year yet! 
  • Understand exactly what you want to create and what you want to say goodbye to… 
  • Uncover golden insights and learnings from this year so you can make changes, re-orient or conjure a new aspect of yourself and your life into being. 
  • questions that will help you proactively start creating your own reality  
  • Get clear on your 2020 Vision and Goals and a plan of how you will achieve it…  

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Nicky and Katy  

P.S.  Imagine your life one year from today.  What has to have happened – both personally and professionally for you to feel happy with your progress?   How Can you Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet?  It starts by download and work with our free tool here.