Productivity in an overwhelmed world is a hot topic in any sector, and especially it seems the busy world of today’s recruitment business owner. So much so, in one of our programmes, the goal is to enable our recruiting clients to scale by working less: I know a different tack, isn’t it? 

As the month’s flyby Katy and I are quizzed continuously about how to get more ‘done’ in less time. 

We cover a number of productivity strategies guaranteed to work in our programmes, and for those of you who have only just found us ,here are some tested strategies that work that will get you out of the starting blocks. 


Decide What’s Important To Get Done! 

Obvious I know, and this is where a lot of you go wrong. Many of our clients started their companies in their spare bedroom with a phone, a laptop and a lot of determination.  

Fast forward a few short years , and they are billing, managing a billing team and still doing their bank reconciliations, or cleaning the office on a Friday! I would respectfully suggest the last two can be outsourced for pennies. 



Driven individuals (note to ourselves!) have a tendency to be control freaks. The challenge is that this becomes an issue as you scale you; can’t control everything at a micro level. 

We use a number of processes in our RockIT programme  that help our participants identify where to spend their time. 

Here is something to get you started. Take an inventory of your time and be honest with it. 

Write down everything you do for a few days then go back and be honest; which of the activities were crucial in moving the business forwards and which did you really need to be involved with ? 

Successful self-managed recruitment companies have a leader at the helm making strategic decisions. What sectors to enter, what marketing strategies to deploy to create a brand impression in the market, what career paths to develop for their consultants. They don’t do the Vat, and they don’t upload blog posts. 

Instead, they outsource to experts in their field, and they work with mentors and coaches who know how to help them scale. 


Live By Your Calendar 



Though this might sound a bit anal  living by your calendar will completely change how productive you are. 

People don’t drop in and ‘steal’ your time. You are able to prioritise what is important, and crucially make time for it. You can even invest in diary scheduling software that can be used by critical people to book into your diary; it can connect with your Google or Microsoft calendar. 

I have been using this software for years, and there are lots of others on the market. It’s perfect for all we control freaks as we can block off time too. Let me explain how this works in the next part. 


Create Time For You #Exercise #Health #Fun 

I love this quote by the Dalai Lama; does it resonate with you ? 



The Dalai Lama is a wise man. Though for many this might sound counter-intuitive and when you make YOU essential everything will align and you will be astounded at how this can improve your results. 

Ever had the experience of coming back from holiday with a flood of ideas and enthusiasm ? What if you could engineer that feeling on a weekly basis? Well, you can. 

Rest + Relaxtion=Focus and Productivity. 

Thinking about dairy management that I mentioned earlier. When Katy and I are planning the year, we block off holidays first then our personal development time and time with our own mentors and coach. 

I then block of time with Calum, my son and now Maya, my daughter. Time with them is critical to my mental health, and they are great teachers. Bizarre though it might sound I have had a number of ideas playing with lego! 

Then we plan in our Billing Manager programme and all our other events after we have come first. This process has created a pretty successful business. It’s one of our own set moves; another strategy we teach our clients. 

£ simple steps to get moving that ALWAYS work. Ready to get going ? 


Next Steps? 

Would you like support to scale and grow with Katy and me? Then get in touch as we have a number of programmes with guaranteed results. Email us here. 



Before you go, have you downloaded our new report to help your consultants convert more clients? You can download it here. 

Warm regards, 


Nicky and Katy