If you haven’t read my previous article about the 6 management principles you can access it here. The 6 Management Principles For Success Part 1.

From last time you now appreciate the importance of knowing your people and focusing on their development; what next? Here are the final four.


3. You are at the helm so steer!

We all need direction in our lives. If we don’t have it we are at the mercy of a lack of focus and a goal to reach for. Who hasn’t spent a weekend at home when you didn’t have any definite plans? Monday arrived and you were full of frustration at how you had wasted the last 48 hours.


Business presentation on corporate meeting.


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In your working environment the same scenario will play out with sometimes disastrous consequences. Here are 5 key steps to steer your particular billing manager ship.

  • Set realistic yet stretching goals based on best practise
  • Give your team the resources they need
  • Set the direction with a clear focus and goal
  • Empower and encourage them to take massive action in a safe environment
  • Recognise and celebrate their success; saying thank you is a great start!

No matter what some people think, your team wants direction. They need to know where they are going and what is expected. Don’t let them down.


4. Communicate and share your message

Last time I mentioned how one consultant I spoke to was managed by email. It’s a useful tool as are motivational text messages. However there are lots of other channels you could, and dare I say should use.

Lack of timely communication is one of the biggest issues in organisations large and small. It’s common for me to overhear conversations on the Tube where people are relating how their manager hasn’t spoken to them properly for weeks. That really is totally unacceptable.

Your passion, enthusiasm and what you stand for will be respected, provided you talk to people.



Here are three areas to remember.

  • Deliver a clear message consistently. Hint: Plan out what you want to say
  • Do it regularly and in different mediums; face to face, team meetings, the phone,
    email and text
  • Show how enthusiastic and committed you are; its infectious


5. Be adaptable

There are many NLP pre suppositions (beliefs that work for people to live by) about adaptable behaviour and how it helps, rather than hinders progress.

Managers and leaders must be both flexible and adaptable to change. I remember being a recruiter before LinkedIn took the market by storm. Both my team and I had to change fast or we would be left behind.




How adaptable are you? Are these behaviours second nature?

  • You are able to anticipate where the market is heading
  • You can facilitate change and demonstrate flexibility
  • You are a role model to follow that is positive to change
  • You encourage and challenge you consultants to ‘think and do differently’

Want to progress in your organisation, perhaps be a recruitment director one day? If the answer is yes start working on your adaptably now. For the leaders of the future this is a must have skill.


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6. Think strategically

Are you a strategy big picture thinker or are you a task ticker? Nothing wrong with a healthy mixture of both. The biggest strategist will still have to get the job done, which will involve tacking action on specific tasks. Excuse the pun and let’s think wider here.

Imagine this scenario and how you might react.

The office is based in Milton Keynes, a growing part of the South East. The growth of your recruitment company, as set by the board, means that headcount must increase by 50 recruiters over the next 24 months.

The challenge is the mover and shaker trainees you want to attract don’t want to live north of Camden or Primrose hill. The decision is taken that the office will be split and you personally will be moving to project manage the move!  Now handle that and tell your significant other at the same time; not always easy.




It is understanding and embracing business decisions like this that will set you apart as a great manager. Here are some other ideas that demonstrate you are a ‘big business’ thinker.

  • You understand your billing team AND the others in the organisation
  • You come from a collaborative not competitive mindset
  • You are well read ( congratulations you are here!) and you understand your
    own market and sector trends; in detail
  • You share what you know and are seen as an authority

There you have it. The 6 key principles of great management.

How do you fair? A+ or C-.

Or perhaps you know that you have a mixture of ticks and crosses. Interested to find out more? Go here and fill out our contact form and let’s have a conversation.


Warmest regards,




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