Selling as a service? Its not a phrase many recruiters had heard of a year ago. However, selling as a service and the consultative sell has gained traction in many other servicebased sectors. 

Does this sound familiar? 

When you’re making your calls and speak to a client, it all starts well. 

You share COVID and lockdown stories about your families and how business is going 

And then what happens is as soon as you get to the point where you want to move that conversation into a business conversation or something where you can be of relevance to your client, you get stuck. And maybe the client closes you off, and they might say something like, Well, Katie, that’s great, but we have everything on pause right now, give me a call in three months? 


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Then suddenly you’re like, right, okay. Um, what do I say next? Where do I go with this?  

A recruiter lost for words; yes, it happens. 

The question is, where do I go next, and how can I shift my focus and offer so I can help my client? 

Why? Because their problems are constantly changing throughout the entire Covid time frame. Last year it was all about furlough and redundancy. It might be getting the team aligned again, recruiting in a socially distant world and for candidates with a different skill set. 

The good news is you are the ideal person to help them because you already have a skill set that is primed for much, much more. It’s just that you’ve never been taught how to use these other than in recruitment.  

Now is the time to develop your ability to both consult and sell.  

Imagine if you took your base skills and then learn how to apply them in a way that will open doors to win clients easily. 

The time is perfect as you can master other areas to take your current and prospective clients to a higher level. 

How would that change things for you right now in the current marketplace?  

This is possible. 


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Let me share an example from one of our clients. 

We have a client right now that we’d been teaching this skill to. And what it meant was that he could open doors with a client that he never got into before. And more than that, when he walked them through his connect and serve process, he has now got himself £54k worth of business secured as a retainer.  

Right now, there is such a calling for you to upskill yourself and to learn how to leverage the skills you already have. 

It is about how you leverage and adapt them, so you become more than just a recruiter but their business consultant too? 

If you want to scale, you must have a selling process and system in your business, and this is where we can help. 

Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 

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