I suspect many recruitment business owners were drawn to this post by the title.

I know a few short years ago I might have struggled with it to; that was until I took action and saw the many benefits doing less has given both me and my clients.

I guess less time at work with more profits in the bank is the holy grail for all of us. Sir Richard Branson certainly lives his life by this premise. In fact, in a recent interview he stated that his first goal with any new organisation he develops is to learn how to fire himself and fast.

His main focus when he starts up a new business is what and who does he need in place so that he can step away and leave the business, confident in the knowledge that it will thrive.



And if you are really serious about scaling your business to a 7 or 8 figure recruitment organisation, this needs to be your goal too.

You absolutely have to set it up so the business can run without you being there twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year.

As driven individuals we often fall foul of the dreaded high performer disease of spreading ourselves too thin.

We put an expectation on ourselves that we ‘must’ wear all the hats.

  • We need to focus on customer acquisition
  • Billing (“well nobody can do it as well as me “)
  • Relationship management
  • Sourcing (yes you know who you are!)
  • Recruiting
  • Administrative work
  • Writing job adverts and then uploading them………..

But the truth is that by spreading ourselves so thin we are missing out on bigger opportunities that could take our organisations to the next level.

Your first steps

…………………………ironically your first step? Away from the day to day hands on ‘stuff’ you are doing now.

I know that as a leader of your recruitment organisation you have got where you are by rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in. You are the original wonder woman or superman! And I applaud you.

Though here is the thing.

What helped you arrive where you are now is going to hold you back in the future: #youaretheblock

I have noticed time and time again with our clients that hit and surpass 7 figures is that they have a couple of specific habits.

  1. They recognise what they do well and focus on that; only.
  2. They identify great talent to build around them in their management team.



Where do I start?

There are several things that you need in place to be able to fire yourself from your recruitment business in order for you to truly scale and grow.

  1. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, get really clear on what you do well and work out who else you then need to hire around you to do the other tasks that you either, aren’t great at or you hate; you have my permission.
  2. Get conscious about where you are spending your time AND on what specific activities. Then work out what needs to be delegated, got rid of or outsourced. Then hire that PA for yourself, outsource the finance or invest in finding a really good billing manager who can drive and motivate your team.

Time versus money

The time and money question comes to all of us at some time or another. Personally I can always make more money though I can’t make more time…………provided I keep a track of my time and where I spend it and exactly what I do, with it.

For instance, your time could be better spent on developing strategic relationships with your key clients or finding great consultants that will give you a return year on year.



Consequently, I strongly recommend you have the mindset that your time is more precious than your money

Therefore, just as you protect your money, I imagine you will have boundaries in place so you do things like check your change, your bank statements and have some level of consciousness about where you’re spending it. It’s also vital that you also develop that same level of consciousness about where your time is going.  This is SUPER important.

Use you time for the important drivers in your business. That includes honing your business process, setting up performance measures based on your key numbers and recruiting key members of staff.



Ready to get started?

To help we have developed checklist of everything you need in place to scale your business. Fill out the form contact form here with the word checklist and we will get it to you.


Warm regards




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