Recently I ran a packed webinar that focused on how to consistently grow your recruitment organisation so that exponential growth became predictable rather than a constant uphill battle.

I revealed, in detail how a number of our clients have grown their organisations by following specific strategies.

My reason for doing this was to share a business growth principle that is so simple and straightforward that many directors I speak to don’t appreciate its power?

Know what it is?

Modelling; specifically, modelling success.



What I mean by that is if there is something that you want to achieve, the quickest way to make it happen is to find someone else who has achieved what you want and simply copy what they did.

When you do this you will either experience the same results or at least see a shift in what you are able to achieve. This phenomenon works in all areas of our life too.

I was gripped by last month’s Rio Olympics; weren’t we all? Individuals and teams performing at the top of their game, a huge inspirational 15 days showing all of us what is possible.

TeamGB had a huge medal haul and rightly so; why? Because they put in the work needed and they also had a focus on modelling success, at the core of everything they do.

It’s no surprise that all the high performing athletes were thanking their support team who include coaches to help with every element of their performance; including what they say to themselves to prepare mentally to make them and their results world class.

As many of you know I am a keen student of advanced thinking and how we can utilise the various strategies and processes to alter our own results and modelling is at its core.



But I want to do it my way Nicky not copy someone else

Trust me you don’t! The path to success is straightforward: Find out what’s working for successful organisations and then use this as your template for success.

Business ‘disruption’ is a buzz word at the moment and yes the principle is interesting. Importantly though look in detail at what is happening and you will see great ‘disrupters’ are also modelling successful strategies too.

In fact, take a look at how Centredexcellence are disrupting the market with our take on the demise of the 360 model. This is based on the strategies our students are using to grow their own recruitment organisations at double and treble digit growth.


The facts and truth behind modelling

Modelling and its power was researched in depth by Bandler and Grinder the two ‘god fathers’ of NLP. For those new here N.L.P stands for neurolinguistics programming which in plain English is the study of excellence; based on analysis of what makes people outstanding in various fields.

Modelling is the process of recreating excellence. We can model any human behaviour (and consequently their results) by mastering the beliefs, the physiology and the specific thought processes (that is the strategies) that underlie the skill or behaviour as well as the systems and process that someone else might use.

The truth? It is about achieving a goal by studying in depth how someone else goes about it. That is one of the reasons our current clients get the results they do consistently; they follow and are supported through the process we share with them that is based on what works when it comes to delivering recruitment business growth.



Would you like to know more about the business growth models we literally help you transplant into your business?

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