Let’s get real, managing, leading and growing a team comes with its ups and downs. They cross every area imaginable when it comes to building a business from; the people you employ to the profit that you make. 

At Centredexcellence we work with recruitment organisations in multiple ways to enable them to drive their growth; from planning their pricing, building their team and mapping out their exit strategy. 

However, there is one important part of the business growth journey where all owners need to start, and that’s; getting their head straight. 


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“How Fit Your Recruitment Business Is For Growth… 


How Come They Did It and I Haven’t? 



Every one of us will have read or watched the latest business success story. It’s fascinating when you listen to someone and appreciate that they aren’t that different from you. Their education, resources and ability are all similar, yet they seem to have achieved more; why? What was different? 

Surprisingly it’s the story they say to themselves and the resulting conversations in their head that then deliver results.  


Getting Your Mind in The Zone 

Our minds are incredibly powerful and can, unfortunately, lead us a stray. Old belief patterns can linger and stop us in our tracks as we move forward. 

By the way, this can happen to everybody even the most macho of recruiters. Let’s be honest who hasn’t talked themselves out of something or uttered the phrase; “I don’t think they will go for that fee?” 

Or used their lack of moving forward as a symptom of some temporary ‘mojo loss’; I know for a fact I have. 

Though it might come across as a well-worn phrase if we change our thinking, we will change our lives. The data and research confirm it. 



Here Is How Our Motivation Mind Works 

The thoughts we have (what we say to ourselves too) create feelings, both positive and negative. Our feeling then drives our behaviour and actions, which then deliver our results. 

Can you see how this process will create significant positive experiences and those horrible down beat ones too? How does this work? 

It’s based on the way we process information through our conscious and subconscious minds. 

Our thoughts are part of our conscious mind which can reject, accept and originate ideas. Now when information is impressed with repetition and emotion, it starts to filter into our subconscious mind. 

Have you ever used affirmations or seen world class athletes shouting at themselves encouragingly; I am sure you have.  

Take a look at the famous bestselling book by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich (clue in the title!) he shares how affirmations were used by some of the industrial worlds first billionaires. 


Free Business Checkup Reveals…

“How Fit Your Recruitment Business Is For Growth… 



The magic happens as we impress our thoughts on our subconscious emotional mind, that is ‘feeling’ based, this then starts to move us into action. 

I am sure you can appreciate that if we are telling our mind what is possible then our actions , spurred on by our positive thoughts, are going to create the kind of results we want. 

Therefore think about those upbeat thoughts and affirmations and the difference they will make to your results. 

When you’re feeling really confident and positive you’re in a great state of mind, and things seem to flow, even if you come across a challenge you’re likely to find solutions easily. 

On the flip side, when you’re lacking confidence or have had a couple of knocks, you go into that awful state of mind, which is the least likely state of mind to produce the response from you that’s going to get you out of the problem anyway! 

Our minds are powerful tools as long as we put them to work. 


What Next ? 

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