“Placements and profit”. It’s the mantra of all successful recruitment organisations, though not all placements do make a profit; however, that is the subject of another article.

Over the last few posts, we have talked about the value of marketing to feed your sales pipeline and how important it is to have a marketing and sales process backed up by relevant KSF’s that deliver the candidates and clients you want.

Considering this, how can you work with your consultants to make this happen?


1. Create an Induction Plan



For those parents amongst you, I am sure you understand the value of structure and routine. With a new arrival in our household this spring I thank my lucky stars we have a routine already in place!

The benefits of an induction plan are it set’s the frame for expectations and generally ‘how things work around here’. This is especially important no matter what the experience of the consultant you have recruited. An experienced recruiter might be a maverick and a new trainee enthusiastic and yet a touch naïve.

Your induction plan, therefore, sets the game plan for them.

You can cover everything from their development to your culture and un acceptable behaviour to how people are rewarded.


2. Training, Learning and Coaching Are Encouraged

Look online at all the success blogs out there, and you will notice that success is intrinsically linked to a development culture and mindset; hopefully, this will have been one of your recruiting criteria when you were looking to recruit your new consultant?



This year I was in the amazing position of visiting Necker Island and masterminding with Sir Richard Branson himself! Lots of nuggets gleaned that I will share over the next few months.

One thing that struck me was Sir Richards view on learning. In one session, he was sitting across from me taking copious notes. The thing is, like many successful business owners he is committed to learning and improvement.

With the pace of growth in today’s business landscape if you aren’t improving, by nature of the beast you are moving backwards.

Time to create a learning culture.

One of our clients has created a success library for his consultants. He has bought several business books that his recruiters can borrow. The only requirement is they share with her the lessons they are learning; cool idea don’t you think? It’s working too.


3. Goals and Vision

In our billing manager programme, we have a focus on goal setting and vision. As Stephen Covey, the New York Times bestselling author comments, a key habit of succcessful creation starts with the end in mind.



If your new biller understands what the company wants to achieve they will then appreciate their role in the process.

So, imagine if Andrew your new consultant knows that his target will be billings of £100k a year, you can share with him how a focus on his KSF’s will make that more than achievable. Naturally, you would do more than this; you get the picture?

Do this well, and you will create a culture where goals, targets and measurement are considered a good thing rather than a stick and carrot culture scenario that other recruitment organisations employ.

We cover more on this subject in our next programmes especially around motivating your team to high performance. This takes place in June this year. To find out more email us here.