As another year  ends our thoughts often turn to the future and what is going to be the difference that makes ‘the’ difference to our future financial results.

Systems, process, KPI’s and marketing channels are vital. Yet for them all to integrate and produce the results you want there is a vital ingredient; people.

Though finance and marketing are key functions of any business. The one area that must be top of your priority list is the development and growth of the individuals that bring in revenue consistently; your team of potential high performing billers. So if we are agreed that your recruitment consultants are the secret sauce in your business what is your plan for next year? How will you generate inspired and skillful performance from your recruitment team?


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1. Develop their skills

It all starts with the basics. No matter how skilled you may think a recruiter is you need a process that is common to your recruitment organisation. One that embraces the advanced influencing techniques that are so powerful in today’s new business economy. Rapport and influencing skills exquisitely delivered will generate more clients and candidates than you ever thought possible. This is a skill; that means that it can be developed.

2. Give direction and follow up

So often recruitment managers think that their team will know exactly what to do and when! Unless they are a consistent 2 ++ placements a month biller it is unlikely. Remember that is why you are a recruitment manager. You do know what works. Have a defined list of KPI’s (key performance indicators) that you give detailed direction on and then you follow up. The one downside of many recruitment managers is that they forget this, ‘key’ ingredient; follow up.

3. Know what motivates them

Now many people do not appreciate this. Money isn’t everybody’s key motivator; though what money can bring is important. Most of us have key emotional drivers that influence our actions. There are 25 fundamental ones and if you tap into some of these it will make a difference to how you can help to ‘motivate’ your recruitment team. They range from looking after our families to owning ‘nice’ things.  A few well-chosen questions will soon elicit these from your team. Stop press. Please don’t assume that what is important to you means it is important to someone else.

4. Expect the best

This is an interesting concept. I am not talking about putting major pressure on someone; you know what I mean…’I expected more from you Andrew!!’… That kind of statement isn’t going to generate the result you want. It’s more likely to throw Andrew back into a dark place in his life when he was never quite good enough! Instead believe in your people. Expect good things after you have given help and direction and watch out for amazing results.

5. Have a structured development plan

You may or may not have worked for a large organisation. If you have you will understand why they are so successful. Big hint: Because they have process and structure in place.

It generally starts with an induction plan followed by a sequential development programme that takes individuals step by step through the ideal development path.

It might sound boring and yet it works. We all know as recruiters that candidates often ask; ‘what are the career opportunities in XYZ or what is the training like?’ It is no different for your teams.


Free Business Checkup Reveals…

“How Fit Your Recruitment Business Is For Growth… 


Take action on these five key areas and next year could shape up very differently.

I hope you found this article useful.

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