There are three main dangers out there at the moment when it comes to placing roles, and these all centre around a low candidate pipeline. 

So the first danger that we’re hearing about is that there is a low candidate pipeline.  

What do I mean by this?  

  • The job boards that people were using aren’t working so well,  
  • people aren’t moving  
  • candidates are ghosting and disappearing.  

The second danger is poor candidate commitment. 

So even if you are finding candidates, it’s likely that they’re out with other agencies. These quality candidates have got so many options that they’re not totally committed to working with you. 

Earlier this week, I was reading one of the posts in the Facebook group, and this poor lady was sharing, ‘I’ve spent months working on these three searches, three offers out and none of none of them were accepted by the candidate; frustrating!’ 

Then the third danger revolves around pipeline filling. Because people focus on candidate generation, this will impact your job flow in six, eight weeks’ time. 

So you’re going to have peak and trough business development issues. So these are the three critical dangers that people are facing at the minute. And to get this sorted once and for all, we need to move into building a machine that will help candidates flow into your business; consistently.  

Your low candidate pipeline problem is not a market issue.  

This is a systems issue.  

A question for you; who reading this has got a dedicated team of people that looks at finding, nurturing, getting commitment and servicing an amazing candidate journey? 

If you haven’t, it’s time to start NOW! 

We have been helping recruitment and staffing companies now for over twelve years, and it’s a constant theme of ours we teach clients. 

In our workshops, we talk about how critical candidates are. We ask our clients how many candidates do you know, how many do you interview, and how many quality candidates you have on your database? 

 What numbers do you track? 

Do you track how many you’ve registered? People look at us as if we’re crazy.  

Why would you bother tracking candidates? Why would you pay much importance to candidates?  

Fascinating now, isn’t it? So many of our clients are so glad they took the leap to have a candidate focus. 

Yes, it’s clients that pay us; yet they don’t if you haven’t got a candidate to fill their role. 

The market is changing, and the candidate is going to be king more than ever before. 

Split Energies Versus Systems 

The challenge for many business owners in the b2b sector is something known as split energies. 

How many things can you focus on at once and do a great job? Less than you think, especially the minute you start focusing on two things; if you’re focusing on one thing and one thing only, you can give it 100% of your energy and focus.  

When you are focusing on two things, you’re focusing on 50% of your excellence. 

A problem that few people understand. 

So what is the solution? Build a system. 

You need to have a system in place that is able then to focus on both client and candidate generation, attraction and conversion. 

The good news is this is what we will share in our next blog. 

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Nicky and Katy 

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